Saturday, December 4, 2010

FONV - Main Quest

Just finished it.

I am, once again, underwhelmed. Really, ending the game with the main quest was the perfect garnish to what's been a total 'fuck you!' to the players throughout.

All this time, and they still couldn't be bothered to fix the semi-auto weapon bug, or the memory leak; but they did find time to introduce a whole host of new bugs related to terminals, the Pip-boy, and scripted quest events in general.

The NCCS code to teleport your companions along with you to the final battle doesn't work. Not that I was expecting it to. Bethsoft would have had to hire true visionaries to make the game any more unfriendly to mod-added companions.

Also nice to see the GMPC kept up, since the head legion asshole and general dipshit both have DT's of about fifty - to the point that an AMR shot to the face with a guns score of 100 doesn't do 25% of their health in damage.

But of course, none of that matters. We all know that the express purpose for this game even existing is to sell five or six more shitty DLC expansions, that will each be bug-riddled to a level unknown to the previous.

The annoying bit is I'm not sure most of these non-following problems can even be fixed on the scale required for NCCS.

Can I make them tag along? Sure. I can have my companions set up to work across the board in an hour or two.

The problem is I don't get the luxury of working with explicit references in NCCS. I have to have the code work for every NPC someone can make regardless of what they use for a RefID - assuming they go to the trouble of using one at all.

I'm pushing my luck even expecting people to cut and paste a damned companion script.

I've also got a headache, and the method for instituting companions that can't be left behind on an NCCS-wide scale is so complex it's making my head hurt worse. I'd make a joke about working with the Gordian Knot, but no one would get it.


  1. I take exception to your final statement, Sir!

    Without Googling, some of us do know what the Gordian Knot was, know what it stood for and know how one innovative, improvising individual dealt with it. So there!

    Get some rest, get over your headache, boink your girl and then come back and cuss at your computer some more... maybe you'll find a loophole. If I know you, you'll end up dealing with the problem similarly to how Alexander dealt with his.

  2. Oh yeah? Well, I resent that! We do not "boink"!



    Since when do you make perverse comments? Even as an aside...

    Who are you and what did you do with the Fairy?