Friday, December 24, 2010

NCCS - Beta 0.3 Upcoming

So, after one of those lovely panic attacks about 0100 local, I gave up on sleeping tonight; and decided to work on the master a bit.

Dragon Age is beginning to grate on my nerves.

Decided I should tackle the warping dead, since some of you for reasons I will never fathom insist on killing your companions.

Seems I mis-projected the size of the edit required. It ended up being eighty new lines of code; and not fifty. Not a huge deal. Once I set my mind to it, it ended up being a ten minute job - twenty if you count testing.

Killed off three companions, changed cells five times. No dead bodies followed me. The damned thing actually worked on the first try.

I know - I'm amazed, too.

It was good, too; since my first efforts this morning didn't go so well. I had it in my head to add some... new features to my personal companions. Specifically, stripper dancing on command. The NVGECK continues to be a piece of shit, though. Markers wouldn't move, items wouldn't add on script command, idles don't play correctly on command. It's a mess through and through.

Although I did manage to get them to break into dance whenever the follow package was active but we weren't moving:

I, uh... won't be releasing that one into NCCS, however. Issues of considerable silliness aside, it doesn't work quite right. The dancing animation doesn't stop playing when you start moving again; so they follow you while the animation keeps playing. Kind of creepy, really; and I figured people would bitch left, right, and center about the strange idles so it got tabled.


Before releasing 0.3, I think I'm also going to tackle that greeting issue, to stop the deluge of PMs I'm getting (averaging two a day now) from people who skim the guide instead of reading it, and miss that bit about only using voices one through four because the others don't have a motherfucking greeting.

I also added a message that lets you know when one of your companions has died. Unfortunately it can't let you know by name, but a quick head count should narrow down which one bought the farm.

Beyond that... I think we're nearing a 1.0 non-beta, stable release. Everything appears to be working fine if one takes the time to RTFM, so with the system death-friendly, and greetings for the voice types that don't have one in the base game, that should be about the extent of useful without getting cluttered.

I had a couple of other ideas, but really I don't know how badly I want to embark on a quest to add anything that's that much trouble; just to be further accused of breaking games and writing bad guides.


  1. Glad to hear you're coming up with a way to solve, or at least circumvent, our problems with the voices because I get nothing but complaints about that and have no idea how to fix it myself.

    And is that a wolf's tail? When did that happen?

  2. It's part of the "Cat Outfits" mod where I got Maeva's horns and tail from. There's also Wolf ears and tail, and cat ears and tail.

    What can I say? Natasha likes to cosplay, sometimes. And such a pretty puppy she makes.

    I converted the plugin myself to strip out the race edits, and put the new items into Doc Mitchell's house (so available early game); but there's apparently been a semi-official NV port of the mod.

    Haven't run that one, so can't tell you how it works, but I'll be happy enough to drop you a copy of my modified version via email if you like. I'm sorry - it never occurred to me you were into those particular accessories or I'd have offered weeks ago.

  3. Actually I've never really given much thought to such things in the Fallout games; anthropomorphic characters just seem more appropriate for Tamriel. But it would make just as much sense in a post-nuclear world to have genetic mutations as well, so why not?

    I'll check out the mod at the other end of that link, and if it doesn't work then I'll hit you up for that e-mail. Thanks!

  4. Don't look at it as anthro.

    Like I said: cosplay. I mean, here in the real world they have wear-able cat-ears and tails on belts (amongst other attachment methods we won't delve into here... >_> )so it would stand to reason at least some would survive a war; and the hippies are always whining how plastic doesn't biodegrade for fifty ko-jillion years.

    Even the most serious of warrior women occasionally feels the need to be silly.