Saturday, December 4, 2010

Windows To The Soul...

Months ago, around the time I released my FO3 cosmetic pack, I referenced dual-color eyes. A certain Fairy misunderstood what I had meant, and assumed I referred to each eye being a different color. This was not the case, at the time.

I was, however, rather bored this morning; awaiting a download limit to expire, and well... guess what got ported to FONV. Worked some on a facegen preset for my next character - since just because I finished the thing, doesn't mean I can stop playing; I still have to keep testing and developing NCCS, after all.

Decided I wanted to have a bit more fun than just normal glow-y eyes, and this resulted...

I think I may be putting her in the wrong game. I swear, that left eye looks like an Oblivion gate.

Either way, not my best work by any stretch... but not bad, I suppose.


  1. LOL... it does look like an Oblivion gate.

    Very cool.

  2. Probably cooler still if I actually shared the new esm and told you how to replicate the effect, eh?

  3. It's uncanny how sometimes you can read my mind...

  4. Consider it payback for invading my subconscious mind to learn that I'd come up with a companion-management system that worked with all companions.