Friday, December 3, 2010

The Other Side

Ever have one of those days where you just... die?

Went to bed 0900 Thurs; got up 2145 in time to make something to eat and catch the new Burn Notice. Back to bed near 0100; and finally got up about twenty minutes ago. Figured it up, and we slept like seventeen hours.

Wish I could do that every day. Of course, aside from being physically impossible without the aid of drugs, it makes it impossible to get anything done. So probably best that I can't.

Anyway, to make this rambling mess somewhat topical: I finished off the new companion creation guide yesterday before crashing; but didn't release 'cause I wasn't confident in my proofreading skills at the time. I'll read 'er over again this morning, and should have it up in a couple hours.

Ended up axing the mods page of the guide altogether. There just aren't any NV mods I really like. You'll get a look at my load order in the images, and I run one radio fix; and the rest is all NCCS and my "special" mods.

Speaking of images, I may have taken a few too many. The images folder jumped from 8.45mb to 12.1mb. Debs turned out nice this time, though; especially after the advanced section.

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