Wednesday, December 1, 2010

FONV Hair Problems

Really not in the mood to write html this morning (I truly, truly hate working with that garbage), so stuffed the creation guide onto the back burner for another day or two.

Rather, I've been working on some new NCCS features. New 'go home' features that will allow sending your companion to the Lucky 38 suite or Novac motel room (provided you've acquired their use). Worked out a new (for me, anyway) method of sending the companion home that totally does away with the unreliable travel packages I used in RR.

Added Pip-Boy lights.

Worked out details on some other features that will be worked on in the future but not disclosed at the moment for a few reasons.

Anyway. In the course of testing, I got 'round to be frustrated by Maeva's hair problem.

Wondering whether it was my altered mesh, or the game in general, I popped out Ling's in the GECK and got to looking. All hairs display perfectly, there.

Extracted that mesh over the top of the one I use. Check, and again: bald spot.

This makes me wonder.

When FONV first hit, I remember reading that it had some issues with resources not contained in a bsa file.

Since the only difference between Earache42's hair and mine is that he uses a bsa and I don't, I'm wondering if this problem isn't wider reaching than originally thought.

I'll confess I'm not keen on having to build bsa files. They're a straight-up pain in the ass for modders to work with; since resources can't be referenced in the pack; they have to be extracted, paths set up, assigned to their objects in the GECK, and then packed. Anytime you need to alter a mesh or change a path, the bsa has to be extracted and remade.

Still... I'm thinking it might behoove me to throw together a small one just for my special companions, to test and see if that unfucks the hairs...


  1. "Worked out details on some other features that will be worked on in the future but not disclosed at the moment for a few reasons."

    "Cherchez La Femme" follower perks and dialog options? That would be sweet...

    One of the things I have to give the devs a kudo for this time around is that they actually allowed my character to overtly be a lesbian. Makes Gomorrah feel a lot more realistic, and I love random female NPCs flirting with me...

  2. "Cherchez La Femme" follower perks and dialog options? That would be sweet..."

    That's certainly an idea... although I can't think of any related perks that would be gameplay pertinent.

    Fun to watch? Sure, but probably not all that useful in combat.

  3. Oh... you wanted ideas that are useful... about a script that will make every NCCS companion on sight attack any NPC running a companion script that's not NCCS? Now that would be fun...

  4. Maybe asking you to join the ranks of NosCo was a bad idea.

    You seem to be picking up teh ebil much faster than the innocents I normally corrupt usually do.

  5. heh heh heh... and so yet another has fallen for my demure facade...

  6. (Actually, I sensed the evil in you from the beginning; it's one of the reasons I like you.)

    The fairy facade is quite well made, though. It'd be convincing even to me if I wasn't well trained in noticing such things.

    Back to the mod, though: I like your idea for players who only bat for the home team.

    Don't think I'll make it a new perk... but some extra dialog sounds like fun.

    Now just to decide how I want to balance class with creativity with my beloved filth...