Wednesday, December 8, 2010

NCCS - Subversion Successful!



The Tops.

And the Ultralux.

Without. Touching. The base game scripts. My personal companions plugin contains not one single edit to any door or script in the base game. None. They made it onto the strip, and into and out of all three casinos without stopping, having to be recalled, or getting into any fights. They even followed me into the cocktail lounge in the Lucky 38 - something I never managed to get the regular NCCS companions to do.

In the words of the immortal Ace Ventura: Damn, I'm good!

I've also figured out what I was doing wrong with the sit package all this time. It's been so long since I set that up I had forgotten how I did it. So I'll be trying that one again shortly.

Once that's tested, I'm going to begin adding the stuff to NCCS, and hopefully get a 0.2 beta up for you folks soon.

The new Z-axis dependent OnCombatEnd block that my partner was interested in has been added as well, and works perfectly. We walked from the North entrance to Freeside clear around the outside of the Strip, down to the Sunset Sarsaparilla bottling plant, with no one appearing in my path at any time.

Slight issue in that the game sometimes seems to pick random times to warp them around to catch up to you... but since they never appear in your path now, I'm hoping this annoyance will be minor enough to be outweighed by the benefits - which seem to be substantial.


  1. Well done! Now if you could just get your partner to stop screwing around and make some more companions...

    ...though the driving concept of NCCS is supposed to be to make it easy for players to create their own...

  2. Understandable. The companion script is still in a bit of a state of flux. Jumping in and doing a bunch now will probably just lead to more work later.

  3. BTW... I love the new blog header. It's good to remind the public that we here at NosCo are proud and confident of our products!

  4. It was actually just me being an arrogant prick... but sure, confident is a good attitude to read it as...