Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blast From The Past

Just got a PM from someone unable to find a copy of my long-since defunct MultiCam Retexture of the T51-B for FO3.

Didn't think that one actually had any fans... In near a year of up-time, I don't think it garnered more than a half dozen endorsements; and considerably more naysayers.

It can't be found because I... y'know, deleted it. Got tired of taking crap.

Not my best work by any stretch, anyway. That MC pattern just doesn't lend itself to flood-fill the way the pixel patterns do.

Either way, I uploaded the package the player wanted to megaupload; so if you want a copy... Now's probably the time to grab it; I doubt my retexes will ever see the Nexus again.


  1. What were these butthurt naysayers having a problem with?

    I'd never use it myself simply because I'm not a fan of the big heavy power armors in any incarnation... but I don't see anything wrong with your retex. And as far as endorsements go, well, you know as well as I do that the only way to get those is to make it part of a necrobeastial anal prostitution mod...

  2. The issue, as I recall, revolved around the "worn" look (it's two hundred years old, bitches! Of course the paint's worn...) and a couple spots where the edges of the pattern didn't overlap correctly.

    And of course there are always the people who want highlights and shadows and hard edges and all the pretties. To which I must respond that it's fucking camouflage - you can't see that on the real stuff; which is largely the point.