Thursday, February 3, 2011


Despite my daily PMs, I was actually in the mood to mod this morning; and so set upon working on an as yet unannounced project that involves a copy of the Lucky 38's cocktail lounge cell.

It's in its own worldspace, so I switch over to that one; load the cell... GECK crash.

Re-open, reload plugin, load cell again.


Apparently, the NVGECK cannot handle loading that worldspace at all.

You know Obsidian, you fuckers and your total lack of attention to detail and work ethic of a spastic eight year old aren't helping my urge to give up modding any.

So, apparently I can kiss one of the defining features of the mod goodbye; until and unless the GECK decides to get its head out of its ass. On the bright side, this means I won't have to deal with generating new LODs.


  1. If you want, g-mail me a copy of the plugin and I'll see if I can load it. At least that would help rule out any localized bugs your GECK might be having.

  2. Uh huh.

    You just want to get a look at the project. I see through your devious Fairy-schemes!

    Actually though, that's not a bad idea.

    I had also tried loading without the "improved" GECK - just the as-released one with all its bugs, and the result wasn't any better; so it's got to be either a thing with my GECK specifically, or the GECK as it was released to the public.