Thursday, February 3, 2011

NCCS - V0.4 Uploaded

This version won't mark much of a difference from the perspective of you players. It seems I had overlooked a bit of code regarding the companion management system before. Amazingly, this didn't cause problems. I nonetheless didn't feel like pushing my luck; and fixed it.

I've been sitting on it a few days, but couldn't think of anything else I wanted to do for the new beta, so I went ahead and uploaded it this morning.

As always, here's the link, for those interested.

With luck, no more omissions or bugs will present themselves; and I'll be able to start expanding the dialog to call the system a full v1.0, non-beta release.



  1. thanks Nos - tween this and help you did with the wheel one - the only reason I use that is cause I hate the killstealing AI - that squashed the last little issues I had with my companions being disobedient and not staying where they were told to. :P

    sometimes I wish you could endorse on the nexus multiple times, so you might start getting the credit you're due. :|

  2. Eh, no problem.

    I wish I could have the presence of mind to not miss bits of code in an initial release. Would save me the trouble of having to make updates at a later time.