Monday, February 14, 2011

NCCS - Beta 0.5 Uploaded

New version uploaded. Unfortunately, I had to cancel the further developments I had planned for 0.5; as waiting on them to get added would have delayed the release by a couple of weeks. No one wanted that, so I decided to upload what I had.

Companions should now sit when you do, or pop open a Nuka while standing.

Added a sniper's combat style to go with the class.

Added a quick orders menu, accessible by activating a companion in your party while sneaking.

Added new, randomized greetings. Most are based on alignment of the companion. Some for good, some for evil. The options are doubled up as good/very good and evil/very evil; so you won't miss any by picking the wrong strength of conviction for your companions.

Made some revisions to simplify the companion scripts a bit - should hopefully improve reliability.

Updated my premade companions pack so that they use the default scripts included in the master now. Only one way to find out whether multiple companions can be run on the same script or not...

Also added a new plugin to the optional files category, for those players who lament that companions get infinite ammo. The new plugin resets most weapons to use ammo when equipped by NPCs. It does not affect the unique, non-playable weapons carried by the vanilla followers. This plugin carries a massive risk of conflict with any other mod that changes weapons... and there are a lot that do. It's not meant to be an overhaul unto itself; more a minimod as a courtesy to players who don't run any other weapon mods, but want a bit more realism.

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