Sunday, February 13, 2011


Posted to the comments section of the RR Companions Vault mod this morning:

"Good mod, i would suggest putting it in adult only files though......"

...It's almost rendering me speechless.

I mean... what the fucking shit? What part of RR is adult only-worthy?

There's no nudity. There's no sex. There are no animations at all. No body mods; no armor replacers - the three pieces of non-replacing armor there are aren't even cut for the Type 3 body!

So... what? Profanity in the dialog is supposed to count as adults only now? What else is in there? Granted, I don't use it much these days; but the only even remotely suggestive content I remember putting in there was some somewhat flirty dialog when you tell one of the NPCs to stop wearing an outfit from the wardrobe system.

That, by-the-by, is not nudity, either. RR Companions Vault includes no body replacer; so they're in skivvies unless you've been a naughty end user and installed a replacer yourself.

Not that I'm inclined to take the word of someone who's been registered less than a week and has three posts and no uploads too seriously anyway. Especially not when they can't be bothered to capitalize a self-referencing "I".

If he had at least supported his argument that would be one thing - but no; it's just pop in, tell me to reclassify the mod on his judgment, and poof back out into the aether again.

I swear... being a village idiot must come with a free Nexus account these days...


  1. *shakes head* Some people's children...


  2. Like I said in the mod's comments thread in acronym form...


  3. I swear, if they take offense at profanity or that dialog in your mod, they shouldn't be playing FO3 at all. They need to go back to Hello Kitty Online.

  4. It wouldn't surprise me.

    In a world where there are Hello Kitty sex toys, and the World of Warcraft has more subscribers than the population of some small countries... someone would eventually decide to make an MMO out of uselss and cute.

    Disney has one, after all.

  5. and look, there's a special Valentine's Day even going on right now! *snort* I only know about this evil because a WoW friend was a beta tester for HKO.