Saturday, February 12, 2011

NCCS - Beta 0.5 Progress

As I said over on the NCCS file entry, I've got the sit package that you've all been yammering about done.

Interestingly enough, it only took me a half hour to get working once I set my mind to it... which is a testament to the sheer sloth I normally wallow in.

I actually had the stuff done Thursday, but ended up having to go on a safari across two blasted states looking for a holster for a CZ P01. By the time I got home, I was in no mood to test FONV features.

Everyone, say hello to Carrie; who is graciously demonstrating the new package at the temporary NosCo HQ in the Lucky 38:

As in FO3, they may sit; may stand; but will drink a nuka or eat either way.

I'm thinking the issues before may have something to do with the conditions. I simplified them considerably, and it works now... so whatever.

I also added a new sniper combat style, and added the sniper option to the quick menu. I also checked, and the combat style/class resetting from the quick menu is reflected correctly in the behavior menu; so no matter how you set their class, the proper options will still be displayed.

Also: have added close to a dozen new greetings. Some for unhired only, some for hired only, some that will only show for good/evil companions, and a couple that will display for anyone, at any hire status. Greetings are random, and any applicable greeting may be displayed when you speak to your companion. None are voiced; don't even ask.

Made a couple of edits to the NCCSTemplate companions; setting their disposition base to 100; to help prevent hostility issues.

Bit more to do, a couple more things I want to work on before release. Shouldn't be too terribly much longer.


  1. good, an NCCS post. Out of curiosity, has anyone reported a peculiar behavior of when you load into a new area, your companion has teleported some distance further into the area than you are? Very strange, and I can't think of a reason why it should be doing this.

  2. Depends on what you mean.

    I haven't seen the teleporter misplace them, no; but if they load into a cell normally, the navmesh can end up placing them some distance from the door - depending on the exact configuration of the cell, and the number of companions in tow.

    Which cell gave you the problem?

  3. I like what you're doing with the options and dialog. Pretty soon all NCCS companions will feel like real people.

  4. every cell seems to be doing it. They never spawn just inside the entry with me anymore. So I suspect some other mod I have loaded is effecting a certain default companion behavior you use, an I'm seeing this weirdness. Just wondering if you've seen or had any reports of this behavior, before I start to play "search and destroy"

    Think I'll grab Cass or Veronica and see if they do the same, or if I'm merely assuming it's a default companion issue - which I truly believe it to be.

  5. welp, I can't reproduce the strange behavior with Veronica at all. Grab of my my NCCS Shoujo Death Squad and they do it in vanilla locations and ones from mods.

    I'm pretty damned certain it's some other mod playing with companion code in some way. I see other oddness as well - companions take longer to "port next to you" after a fast travel, for example. And for some reason I get discovery xp awarded when I fast travel to a location. But the original phenomenon of the companions porting in deeper into a new cell than the PC does happens whether I fast travel to a location, or just walk there.

    Was just curious if you'd encountered it or had it reported to you. Oh the joys of multiple mods loaded.