Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Coming Clean

Okay, I wasn't planning on telling the entire unvarnished truth, but I've decided to level with you guys; since I'm sure several of you are impatiently awaiting the fixed version of NCCS.

I haven't touched the mod.

I updated my game, grabbed the new NVSE, and haven't even fired the fucking thing up to see if it'll still start.

At this point in time, New Vegas holds essentially zero interest for me. It is a fundamentally broken game, with a screwed AI, flawed engine, and abysmal storyline filled with railroading and heavy-handed forcing the player in various directions. Worse yet, a substantial portion of the fan base is made up of people too stupid to tie their shoes without a flowchart and six PMs for help.

I want to fix NCCS (assuming it's even possible at this point), but quite frankly right now I just can't muster enough give-a-fuck to dive into the script editor (which is, I will add, still broken; nearly six months after its release).

Damned good thing that they went ahead and got that DLC out though, eh? For a few weeks, it almost looked like Bethsoft wasn't going to get to screw players out of a hundred bucks worth of shit that should have been in the game in the first place; while breaking the entire game several times over in the process. Dodged a bullet on that one!


  1. Heck... at this stage maybe it would be best to just wait for the next patch to be released to see if it gets fixed on their end. If it turns out that way you'd just have to rewrite the mod again anyway. Sure, some impatient folks will whine, but most of them still seem to prefer that other companion system that's admittedly buggy and has been publicly abandoned anyhow.

    I know... not quite my normal pep-talk there, but I totally empathize with you on this one. This is one of the reasons why lately I've also been focusing on games that have already been out for at least a year or two. I figure by now their devs have released all the patches and DLCs they're gonna and the modding community (in the cases of moddable games) has produced a pretty good selection of quality stuff.

    New Vegas, on the other hand, is still in its evolutionary phase. We can hope that it will get better, but holding our breath is probably a bad idea.

    This is also why I'm not wetting myself in excitement over Dragon Age 2 or Skyrim. The only one I might really consider getting the moment it hits the shelves is Witcher 2; if I recall correctly the first game was good in it's initial release so maybe the sequel won't be as much of a gamble as the others.

  2. "Sure, some impatient folks will whine, but most of them still seem to prefer that other companion system that's admittedly buggy and has been publicly abandoned anyhow."

    Gods, don't remind me. Still so very tempted to delete the FO3 RR just out of pure, immature, fucking spite.

    As for the games: The Witcher 2 will probably be interesting, yes. Unless they don't bring Geralt back; in which case they can as Rowan Atkinson so eloquently put it: sod off.

    Dragon Age 2 I'm not hearing great things about. Something about it being written by a team of 30-something women who are huge fans of Twilight...

  3. I'm pretty sure Geralt is the star of the sequel as well, so it should be at least entertaining with his unique charisma and kiss-my-ass attitude.

  4. That does certainly look like him. I just hope they kept the same voice actor. That guy is so great. It's the voice for the as you call it "kiss my ass" attitude.

    That redhead looks like Treiss may be back, too. Can never have too many hot redheads that will happily kick your ass.

  5. I have to admit that I am not exactly in love with New Vegas either.

    I can't blame Bethesda all that much - Obsidian's plot is just... dull. :( I could care less which faction wins out, but I could not care less by much. And as for the BoS deciding to crawl into a hole and hide... wha?

    For cripes sake, the only group that uses the Courier as a courier is the bad guys! I would have much preferred finessing a pact between NCR and BoS.


    The Auld Grump

  6. Its one thing to have a modder that is willing to support their mod, its another thing entirely to expect the modder to jump every time you have a problem or complaint. Modders do not get paid for the time and effort that is put into these products that the community gets to download for free! Real life gets in the way of our play/mod time. Modders are under no obligation to be contsantly updating, upgrading or repairing their mods. It seems that a large number of community members don't (or can't) understand this.

    If I have a problem with a mod, I will mention it to the modder and ask for help when he or she has the time to do so.

    Some members of the gaming community just hurt my head...