Thursday, March 3, 2011

No Improvement

Slept all of an hour this morning; ended up in the mood to enact destruction on a larger scale than FPS allows for. Fired up a favorite from years ago: Command and Conquer: Generals: Zero Hour.

Sadly, the AI has not improved any in the intervening years:

Even three on one it was still boring.

Webcomics aren't updating (and the ones that do, suck), and I'm ducking the Nexus file entries at the moment. I just can't do any more Stupid Mod Questions(TM) right now. Between the "someone else's mod broke yours, fix it" and the "tell me step by step how to rewrite your mod to make it mine"... I'm good and fed up with the whole mess for awhile. Fortunately, PMs get a notification sent to my Gmail box; so I can access them direct.

Don't expect my mood to improve much in the immediate future, either. It's the most horrible time of the year. Yesterday, I had to sign another lease on this place; which means I'm fucking stuck here for another year.

Just about out of pomegranate Rockstar, too; and this is the odd month that it's not on sale, so I can forget getting another case.

Where the hell's the apocalypse when I need it?


  1. You could start being like the majority of the Nexus modders and only check your files and PMs once every six months.

    But then, that would be a hell of a lot of Stupid Mod Questions(TM) to sort through all at once. Maybe not such a good idea after all...

  2. yeah, I made the decision to try to be helpful for other clueless people on mods that I use that the dev either doesn't respond to, or shot off their mouth at a cretin, and got banhammered for. No good deed goes unpunished - now I have one thinking I know everything about modding the game. >_< And even worse, they're a deviantart "fairy" *sigh*