Sunday, March 20, 2011

I. Hate. New. Vegas.

Decided to try to start a new game this afternoon.


I skip their shitty intro movie, wake up in Doc Dipshit's place... and my view never changes from the ceiling fan. Let it sit five minutes, my character never sits up.

Half dozen tries later, I get him to sit up once; get to the face chooser, close that... and it hangs again. Doc just stands there.

Tried manually enabling my controls from the console, that will let me look around but not move.

I've switched off all mods, tried launching from the exe direct instead of through FOMM (thus bypassing NVSE as well) and still nothing.

If anyone from Bethesda and/or Obsidian is reading this? Fuck you both. If you can't fix your abortion of a game, say so and stop trying. Your "patches" are only making things worse.


  1. After reading this I started up a new game myself with all the latest updates including NCCS, just to make sure it wasn't some sort of artifact in the mod that might be causing your latest woes. Didn't have any trouble at all getting through the char-gen process though.

    What did you do to piss off the Universe this time?

    Not that this is at all helpful, but I had a similar problem with The Suffering 2. The game runs fine on my newer PC, but when we tried to play it on my Dell it would get to parts where things are supposed to trigger and they either took an insane amount of time or simply never triggered at all, thus making it impossible to proceed. I can't think of anything that could have made it behave that way, but it did nonetheless.

  2. There's a hand-off missing a cue, someplace.

    Either a timer isn't firing, or the dialog's resultscript isn't working.

    I can probably bypass it by forcing the quest to advance stage by stage; but I'm quite frankly so disgusted with the game right now that I have no interest in bothering.

    My existing saves work fine; so I can continue advancing NCCS for people to break.

    Could be any number of things causing it, really. Since Obsidian doesn't see fit to give us actual, detailed changelogs; there's no telling whether they monkeyed with the quest scripting in some way.

    I'm personally convinced that I pissed off the universe in a past life. I did something massively evil, and am still paying for it. I just wish if I was going to be punished, I at least remembered having the fun that led to it.