Sunday, March 27, 2011


Okay, boys and girls; gather 'round and listen up.

I know I bitch a lot about the way RR turned out - with the porting and the total loss of control on my part.

I know also that some of you would dearly like to help; whether it be to support a mod you love, or help a modder you for some reason like despite how much of a dick he usually is - or even as part of some harebrained scheme to get famous yourself.

Here's the kicker though: if you're going to offer to help, be specific. Tell me exactly what you want to do.

I'm not going to name names, but I got a Nexus PM last night after I hit the rack from someone who wants to help.

Trouble is, they are not specific in any way. There's a mention of "the files already being complete", and it "making my dreams come true".

Creepy, I know.

"I've read your blog, I deeply understand your needs, they have been addresed By me." (spelling and punctuation intentionally left unfixed)

Very creepy.


The author of said PM notes that it pertains to the RR Companions Vault; and that permission will be required from me, "Ridgerunner" (I assume here they mean ttomwv), Fry1969, and Herculine.

ttomwv and I, I can understand. We're the stated authors of RR. Fry and Herculine I don't get. Both have done very nice mods; but neither is connected directly to the base mod.

Does this mean modification and reupload of their separate works will also be occurring?

Further, there's the mention that I should "read the link" and reply with my thoughts and permission if I'm willing to grant it.

There is no link and/or non-hot URL in the PM.

So, I had no choice but to reply:

I may be missing something; but I don't see any link here to go read.

Beyond that, you don't say what exactly you're planning to do, nor how it would be an improvement over what is now available.

My apologies; but I must categorically deny any reuse permission of my work until and unless you can tell me specifically what I'd be agreeing to. I've been burned by a lack of specificity in the past, and I try never to make the same mistake twice.

I want this in public record, as well as saving the relevant PM:

I specifically and categorically deny reuse permission of any and all of my works in this instance until further notice; to include but not be limited to the RR Companions Vault for Fallout 3, my RR Companions Vault companions pack, the alternate guards addon, my companions creation tutorial, as well as NCCS for Fallout: New Vegas.

If you want to try to help, that's fine. But please, for the love of all that's unholy; tell me what you want to do, and why it will be a help; else you're going to get a big, fat NO. I'm not blindly agreeing to anything, anymore.

I'd also suggest if the other authors mentioned above get the same PM, that you should say no as well until we find out exactly what's going on, and how our works are to be modified.


  1. Always better safe than sorry.


  2. I agree with both you and Druuler. Let's hear some specifics. Like I said recently, buying (or in this case, buying in to) anything sight-unseen is an extremely bad choice. But I know you didn't need me to tell you that. I'm also pretty sure you didn't need me to tell you I'm on your side, but I do it anyway.

    I'll let you know if I hear from any mysterious benefactors.

  3. Ugh.

    Seven PMs in my box yesterday. SEVEN!

    I swear, between this and the commie translator SNAFU from a few months ago, I think I'm going to start replying to all reuse requests in some gibberish claiming I don't speak English.

    How's this sound:

    Que? Yo es muyo stupido y no hablamos.

    (Yes, I know my espanol is terrible. My understanding of the language mostly consists of knowing when I'm being insulted and some basic conversation)

    Suppose I could always stitch together Spanish, German, and Japanese into one sentence. Make 'em think I'm just batshit fucking nuts.

  4. Just type like the people who send you PMs and leave comments on your mods:

    "U kant uze me modez cos eyez sed soz cos eyez maids um."

    Perhaps they'll understand then...

  5. reply to them in Esperanto!

    And Herculine..... don't do that again, please. That hurt to read. :(

  6. Lol! Agreed, that was a bit hard on the eyes >.< Unfortunately, its not far off from some of what I have read on the Nexus...