Thursday, March 17, 2011

Head, Meet Desk

The theory came up that the issue with NCCS is somehow related to Dead Money. How an esm could change the scripting environment of the game I don't know; but I have seen stranger things from this engine.

I switched on Dead Money and resumed testing this morning...

...and everything still works.

I've tried commenting out the new features, and none of it helped in testing in a game where the problem has manifested. I'm running out of stuff to try, here.

I have long suspected that I live in a different reality from you people, and this is only reinforcing that paranoid, dissociative belief.

On the up side, I found out that Maeva looks quite spiffy in a stetson:

...But on looking closer at that first shot, I also see that the 44mag mesh is screwed up and has the speed loader sticking out of it. I wonder if Bethsoft employs anyone who isn't incompetent and/or a total slacker?

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