Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Reading around a bit, happened to pop into the Japanese Fallout 3/NV screenshot/mod database I mention sometimes.

Saw a picture posted. It was a group of the kiddie-companions those people seem to be so big on (and I'll avoid the urge to troll you all and mention something about the quake/tsunami being a divine punishment for loli/shotacon on a society-wide scale...). It is of a massive group. The title?


Twenty. Four. Companions.


This, boys and girls, is why us companion system modders get the urge to drink so often. Thankfully, no one's tried to take NCCS that far (or if they have, I haven't had to hear about it yet); but I remember more than a few RR players who were personally insulted that my mod didn't re-make the game engine so that they could have a party of twenty at a time.

I can't even imagine how hard that is on a PC that's even top-tier. Getting two dozen NPCs in one cell at one time is a frame-rate murderer at the best of times; but when they're all decked out in custom gear, high-poly meshes and high-res textures... and of course to make up for that kind of party you need MMM's increased-increased spawns...

And to think, I've always found four companions at once to be over the top.


  1. I have to agree on all counts. I Googled the pic just to see for myself, and it seems to me the last half of the group is so far away you really can't see them anyway. What's the point really?

    I think perhaps this was simply a case of someone saying: "Look at what I can do!"

  2. Heh, taking 6ix companions, armed with grenades and flamers, into the Dunwich Building did a number on frame rate... 'course flamers are sort of graphics intensive anyways.

    (And, as a side note - totally worth it! :lol: )

    The Auld Grump, we were purging that place with flame, man....

  3. Hm.

    Do I quote the Imperial Inquisition about burning the mutants and heretics; or do I make the Monty Python Spanish Inquisition joke...

    Decisions, decisions.

    Which reminds me. If I ever get off my dead ass and stop watching fansubbed anime long enough to work on NCCS again, I've been meaning to pass out some rocket launchers just to see how the new iteration of the engine handles it.

    I know they're not keen on using that flamenwerfer thing with the arced trajectory.

    Them girls can clean house with an AMR though, lemmetellya...

  4. Yeah, the Incinerator stayed in my hands - the girls ain't so good with it. I was thinking along the lines of WH40K myself.

    Not great in the Dunwich Building, but fun - great range and I am a fan of indirect fire. :)

    I have pretty much gone back to FO3 - NV is just not grabbing me. I like the companions in the game okay, but the plot is lackluster and the game just seems cobbled together somehow.

    The fact that it is a third party on top of Bethesda's own... idiosyncrasies makes it that much more challenging to peg where problems might be, I would expect. I will admit that some of the changes just seem arbitrary, and poorly implemented.

    I am wondering if FO4 might use the engine they are putting together for Skyrim. Goodness knows it is time for an engine change, I hope the new one has fewer bugs.

    The Auld Grump

  5. NV is not on my short list of favorite games, either. Still, I had to be a dumbass and create a companion system for it, so I'm sort of stuck with the pile of shit they pass off as a game.

    The new Skyrim engine won't have fewer bugs. Remember who's at the helm, here. It'll be a nightmare of bugs and DRM, capped off with a shoddy toolset.

    Why yes, I'm having a bad morning. Why do you ask...?

  6. I've run around with all 14 of my Loli Death Squad of DOOM aka Herculines Shojo Companions for NCCS NV changed to suit my preferences, and yes, it puts a hurting on my system. But damn do they clean house.

    Usually I only grab 2-3 at a time to go run about with, depending on what unusual ways I want to see things die. I'd love to see a medic class preset and some kind of whacky medkit addon. Could be fun to have a miko miko nurse in the group. :P

  7. I actually listed and counted all the companions I had recruted and posted at various home-base mods in FO3, and had a total of over 30. I think Clover was the only game provided one in the lot. The gang from RR Vault made up a good percentage as well. Having said that, I think the most I have actually dragged along with me was ten. Strangely enough, I wasn't getting to much of a performance hit...until some one started a fight.

    I try and keep the team size to no more than half that now, lol!