Monday, November 14, 2011

Coming Soon!

So, I played through Old World Blues yesterday; and the main thing I wished I had done differently was get the NosCo NV Weapons Collection up and running before heading into the DLC.

Why? Everything short of the brush gun was like spitballs on those damned robo-scorpions; and the brush gun didn't have the rate of fire to keep up with attacking heavily armored bots five and ten at a time.

I'd have killed for a NosCo brand Shapeshifter in 458 SOCOM.

That in mind, this morning I returned to the Mojave, and finished the setup for a (very early) alpha of the mod -- something to at least get the weapons into the game for testing.

Made some pretty decent headway, all in all. I figured out how to script the mod to add the weapons to the appropriate form lists to make the weapons work for the various perks and challenges that the vanilla weapons do; but without having to modify the lists in the plugin header -- thereby avoiding the dreaded conflicts with over-reaching, overbearing overhaul mods that are invariably regarded as my fault despite the fact that I'm not the monkey who felt one mod should fuck with every facet of the game at once.


Got the test plugin made and the weapons master loaded into the game, and immediately noticed an issue.

I used the unique 44 revolver model to make the 454 revolver -- wanting to set it apart from the 44 -- but quickly learned that the unique was apparently commissioned by a displaced pimp from a lew-see-anna whorehouse. It's like... chrome; with fake pearl stocks, and every time you draw it guitar music plays.

I cannot tell you how badly I wish I were exaggerating that for comedic effect.

Needless to say, that shit had to go. What is it with magpies and chrome, anyway? I see it on Taurii all the time. I mean, if you're going to be a gaudy attention whore, at least have some style and pick up something in carbona blue or color-case-hardened...

...Rambling again. Sorry.

A quick trip through the GECK had it back to looking decent. I ended up using the standard 44 model; but the sub-model with the "heavy frame" installed. I figure it looks different, and hey; it's a 454 -- heavier frame is always good. Also reverted it to the correct equip/unequip sounds.

Also caught a couple of minor details that needed repairing -- an errant weapon mod setting; a sniper rifle in an incorrect chambering; just those annoying little things that make up the bulk of releasing mods that have any semblance of quality.

One of the neat things about this mod is that because I'm (at least somewhat) creatively reusing base-game resources, at this point in time there are no resources to have to upload beyond the master file -- which weighs in at a whopping 77kb.

I should be able to swing an early alpha if you guys want, but it's pretty much just free guns and ammo at the moment -- the merchant NPCs aren't done, I haven't even started on the sales office cell yet; though I do have three of the merchant containers (weapons, ammo, reloading supplies) set up and ready to go.

Edit: and here, have some screenshots.

This is the message that pops up to confirm the new weapons have been added to all the lists they're a'sposed to -- since it's really hard to tell for sure otherwise.

Location of the 'test container' in the game world: right next to the front door of Victor's shack in Goodsprings.

Some shots of most of the new weapons. Much like in real life, the plethora of calibers doesn't serve much practical purpose -- one won't necessarily do much another similar one won't; but there's a variety to work with one's fancy, to let you use whatever chambering you like best and practicality be damned.

Here's the 458 autoloader in my inventory, and another one showing that it does indeed spawn casings on use.

In case you missed it before, the "NosCo Super Blackhawk" is not part of this mod. It's something personal. In the weapon collection here, I've taken care to not use any registered trademarks for the weapon names.

I don't think I ever went into detail before, so here's the basic rundown of the model families:

ALSR, or Autoloading Sniper Rifle: based on the sniper rifle model; chambered in full size cartridges and smaller. High precision, low capacity.

BBH, or Big Bore Hunter: based on the hunting revolver; chambered in large, straight-wall, black powder cartridges -- 40-70, 45-70, 50-70. Like the hunting revolver of the base game, these come scoped only.

The Backcountry Defender is based on the 44 revolver; and available in 44 magnum and 454 Casull.

BGS, or Big Game Series: these are based on the hunting rifle, and use sporting and big game hunting rifle rounds. This is where you'll find your 30-06, 300WM, 22-250, and similar.

The Dirk series are based on the 9mm pistol (Google it if you don't get the reference). 9mm and 7.62x25 only. Will probably be convertible between the two, since they're only a barrel and magazine swap apart.

The Gunfighter series are all based on the 357 magnum revolver. Single action, six shot, straight-up old school. Runs the gamut of practical chamberings for such pieces -- from your basic 357, through 44 mag, 45 Colt; and even more common auto chamberings like 9mm, 10mm, and 45acp. These will eventually be convertible between chamberings that share a common bore diameter: 45ACP/45Colt, 9mm/357, 40S&W/10mm. Your character will only need to carry a conversion cylinder to go from one to the other.

The Overkill series are based on the AMR, and available in cartridges that are generally considered unsporting to use for shooting people.

The Room Broom is a riot shotgun; except available in either 12ga or 20ga, to match your personal preference and/or current ammunition stocks.

The Shapeshifter is based on the marksman carbine, and will be convertible through a wide range of pistol and rifle rounds. After buying one complete rifle, you'll be able to go from one chambering to another by buying conversion uppers; allowing you to carry the equivalent of multiple rifles to cover many situations, but at a reduced cost and weight penalty. Different variants may get different magnification on the scopes; I haven't decided yet.

The Suppressor is the light machinegun; just available in a wider range of ammunition.

The Vermin Eraser is your basic varmint rifle; save that it's available in pretty much any CaliberX rifle round that fits in a 5.56mm length action. Yes, that includes the 458 SOCOM, despite the fact that it is most certainly not a varmint class cartridge.

The Woods Hunter is based on the brush gun, and available in accordingly longer and more powerful cartridges than the trail carbine. Available options include lightweights like the 30-30, up to the shoulder-bruising 500S&W "Oh yeah? Well mine's bigger!" magnum. Also available in the old black powder cartridges for people who like to play cowboys 'n injuns.

Lastly, the Workhorse (of course, of course) is the old standby pump shotgun. Available in 12 and 20.

Some weapon mods will be available, some won't. Expanded magazines will likely be available; silencers may or may not.

Damage ratings, and strength and skill requirements are balanced against the weapons in the base game.


  1. This looks and sounds very promising Nos! Most definitely something I will want to add to my game! I am willing to do some Alpha testing once you have it ready for that. I'll try to take better notes this time >.<

  2. My my, haven't you been busy...

    I'm willing to test as well!

  3. "My my, haven't you been busy..."

    ...Actually, according to the revision code I had the weapons done on 9/22. All I did this morning was script the perk and challenge compatibility, make a bunch of form lists with an eye for easier integration of the new weapons to the case-spawning code in my companion systems, and throw a mess of leveled lists into merchant containers.

  4. Here, guys.

    Remember: it requires CaliberX. There's a link in the readme if you don't already have it tracked.

  5. Alright, I got it Nos. I still have the campfire issue to fiddle with, so I hope to take a look through this later today. Thanks!

  6. Hmm... I've never used CaliberX before. Guess there's a first time for everything!

  7. CaliberX isn't particularly buggy. It's similar (though less supported) to CALIBR in FO3.