Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tamriel in Skyrim?

Reading around the intarwebz this morning, I came across this link, detailing how a player discovered Vvardenfell and Tamriel past the set borders of the Skyrim world.

I'm not sure I agree with his idea that the extra lands are there for modders. Bethsoft has really half-assed their mod support lately; despite, as he correctly notes, their heavy reliance on the mod community to sell their crappily coded games. Landmasses that large, we're talking dozens; maybe hundreds of hours of heightmap editing and such -- I just can't see them doing it 'cause they love us so much.

I would say it was a holdover from Oblivion -- that like FNV, they had simply modified an older iteration of the engine and been too lazy to clean the previous game's content out -- but I don't recall Oblivion having Morrowind content, so that theory doesn't hold up.

I think my vote has to go to building blocks for future planned DLC. Though I must confess, adding Tamriel and Vvardenfell seems a bit... expansive for DLC.

It's a shame the CS isn't out; I'm beginning to get a serious wonder about just what-all's hiding in that esm file...


  1. Well, that's peculiar O.o This does raise many questions, including "do I jump on the Skyrim bandwagon?", but all answers right now are just speculation.

    Something to keep my eye on for further down the road.

  2. Huh. Later today I just might have to console-command my way out there...

  3. Hope some modders find this and add everything from all elder scrolls games and then everyone will be buying 1tb hard drives just for skyrim :P
    but seriously if someone did that i would definatly download it.

  4. it's called baking heightmaps and applying them to a different 'landmass'. There's not a single thing that canged between the heightmaps they used in morrowind, oblivion or skyrim, so why shouldn't they just have taken an hour or so to get it done?