Friday, November 4, 2011

Yes, I Pulled It

As Druuler successfully guessed, I did in fact kill the post "1975 things Mr. Welch can no longer do during an RPG", around an hour after it was originally posted this morning.

It's actually only one in a series (this one was fifth or sixth) of banter-y, snarky posts of me and the girls being stupid. None have survived more than an hour live; most get killed before publish is ever hit.

I didn't save a backup, so it isn't coming back, but here's the link we were reading for anyone interested.


  1. I've noticed quite a few entries appearing on my Blogger dashboard's "recent updates" list that I haven't actually seen here. I figured you just changed your mind and never published them to begin with.

  2. The same here Herculine, but in this case, I actually got to read the whole post and start typing out a reply before Nos deleted it. It is the only time that has happened. I enjoyed reading it, both the entries off the list, and everyone's responses to them. It started my day off with a good laugh.

    And I don't think I am going to get the image of Maeva doing a victory table dance out of my head anytime soon, lol! Hmm, that sounds like an idea for a screen shot...

  3. Deleted posts also appear in the RSS feed. This one reminded me of the "The 213 things Skippy is no longer allowed to do in the U.S. Army" list :)

  4. ...I was not aware there was an RSS feed. Don't recall having set that one up.

  5. I think I used the old Firefox feed button to get it since I usually follow blogs in google reader.

    Oddly, it's not showing now, did you disable it?

  6. I did, in point of fact -- though I wasn't sure if the option I hit was the correct one (it mentions RSS nowhere; apparently that's a side-effect of the Google Reader feed or something).

    The option didn't exist when I set up the blog; and I cannot communicate how much it annoys me when Blogger adds a new feature, doesn't tell anyone, and then sets it to enabled by default.

    Since I know that's the option now, I've reset it to "feed" the first four hundred characters; but I can't promise it'll stay enabled -- when I delete something, I prefer it stay gone and not show up eight other places.

    Suppose I'll just have to stop hitting publish unless I'm really sure...

  7. It's been around for a while, they just weren't visible, though I see them now.

    There's a couple of different feed formats, RSS and Atom. I've no idea what term blogger uses, but these feeds are very common and useful. I use them a lot, to track stuff like blogs, webcomics, forums, news sites and so on all without having to manually go to every site in turn.

    Suppose I'll just have to stop hitting publish unless I'm really sure...
    Words to live by on the net :)

  8. I never got into RSS.

    Tried it, back when it was new. No one ever remembered to update them (automatic updaters were some years away at that point) and I quickly lost interest.

    I am, sadly, a creature of habit. Once a program or concept has failed to interest me, I rarely go looking for it again.

    I don't even use the Blogger update list in my dashboard -- mainly because I only visit my "dashboard" to post to whichever one of the blogs I didn't load direct when I need to post to both of them.

    I follow blogs to add to their numbers as a show of support; but I do all my reading via bookmarks.

    Yes, folks: Nos R dine-oh-saur. I even only read them at home, as my phone is as stupid as is apparently legally permissible. No mobile web access whatsoever, and I like it that way.

  9. If it makes you feel any better, I don't bother with using my phone to access the web. Mine can do it but since I don't have a data plan, and neither need one or afford it currently, it is obscenely expensive to use. In some ways, I regret upgrading my phone when I did.

    *grumbles* Fracking technology...