Thursday, November 24, 2011

Skyrim CS

Pursuant to my policy of posting crap no one really cares about, I thought I'd share this statement I came across this evening trawling forums:

"The Creation Kit is Skyrim's Mod Kit. In an interview with Todd Howard prior to release, it was said that there is a lot to explore and that he can't wait to see what people come up with. He also stated that he had hoped to have it released on opening day. It is suspected likely to arrive some time between November 27 and December 3, which is also the time announced for when the next Skyrim patch arrives."

Will it hit on time? I have no idea... but reading the petulant whining of the mouth-breathers in the forums is reminding me why I generally stay away.

One actually opined that "being stabbed in the balls was more pleasant than any interaction with the (Skyrim's) UI"

...Is it unkind of me to hope he was speaking from actual personal experience, and will therefore not be contributing to the human genepool in the future?

I mean, okay: Skyrim's UI sucks. It's buggy, it's laid out like an indie PS2 game's... but come on. It is not the worst UI we as PC gamers have ever been exposed to. Not by a long shot. I think some people really need more perspective and less melodrama. I blame TV.

...What was I saying? Oh, who cares...


  1. I've seen the same release dates speculated elsewhere. All we can do is wait and see I suppose.

  2. Yes, some people love being overly dramatic. I think it has something to do with the "pay attention to me" syndrome...

    I think I have heard the same release schedule mentioned before in regards to both the next patch and the CK, but, in like Herculine said, we will just have to wait and see about that.

  3. Mental note: CK, not CS. Damned Bethsoft; pick a fucking naming convention already...

  4. ...Random thought:

    Okay, so TESIII and IV were the Construction Set. Fallout 3 and NV were the Garden of Eden Creation Kit.

    Since they're calling the Skyrim set "CK" I'm guessing they're going with Creation kit this time around; but does that mean it'll be the Skyrim Creation Kit or SCK?

    ...'Cause if it is I can see it being referred to by many as "the SuCK" rather than the GECK...

  5. Also: once people start referring to the toolset as the suck I'm totally going to claim it was all my idea and everyone else stole it.

  6. I've heard it referred to as SDK (Software Development Kit?) and as the Creation Kit since it's for the Creation Engine. What they're officially calling it I still have no clue, but if I had to vote I'd go with "SuCK" as well just because it's rather catchy and makes more sense. (Every time I hear or read "GECK" I can't help but think of a small lizard with a British accent.)

  7. Reminds me of how SCSI wound up being pronounced scuzzy, much to the devs dismay.

    Dibs on "The SyCK/SiCK" btw :)

  8. Lol! Either SuCK or SiCK will most likely be appropriate >.<

  9. SiCK occurred as well, but with all the hours' work I've lost to crashes of the CS and GECKs I had to go with suck -- mainly because I couldn't figure out how to work "What? Again? You fucking piece of shit!" (which is what I usually yell) into the SCK acronym.

  10. BTW, you are wise Nos, to avoid the forums. The official Skyrim forums are full of the most appalling, mindless drivel I've seen in a long time. There are people sincerely arguing that single player games don't need balance.

    It has a horrid fascination though, like picking a scab (eww)

  11. I wish I could claim prescience in that area; but I learned to stay away from forums the hard way. There was a day I believed the hype about community and such nonsense.

    Thankfully my cynicism evolved and steered me away from such things. Even morbid fascinations have their limits.

  12. Forums... LOL.

    The Skyrim section of the Nexus Forums has been particularly entertaining the past few days with threads going on for over a dozen pages of people arguing over which TES game is best and whether or not it's wrong for guys to play female characters (a recurring topic, for some reason). Stupidity thick enough to cut with a knife...

  13. Stupidity thick enough to cut with a knife...

    But use a chainsaw, you'll want to get every little git. :^P

    The UI is kind of a step backwards, and two sideways, but it is by no means the worst that I have encountered.

    Buggy? Well, it IS a Bethesda game... bugs are to be expected.

    The game itself is fun, the graphics are gorgeous, and combat is enjoyable. I still like Oblivion better, I think, but this will do.

    The Auld Grump

  14. @TheAuldGrump:

    Yeah, Oblivion is better... but I'm having visions of Skyrim three or four years down the road; when the mod community has had time to do to it what they did to Oblivion. I think it'll soundly eclipse the older title, eventually.

  15. Only time will tell. But Oblivion most likely has its adherents the same as Doom does (do I have to mention any names?), so eclipsed or not, it will most likely continue on for quite some time to come.

    "What? Again? You fucking piece of shit!" (which is what I usually yell)

    Stupidity thick enough to cut with a knife...

    But use a chainsaw, you'll want to get every little git. :^P

    Lmao! Reading those was a good way to start my day :D

  16. Thank you! We'll be here all week. Don't forget to tip your waitress!

  17. Hmm, it's quite possible that Oblivion will continue to thrive once the Skyrim hype machine winds down a bit.

    I saw someone describe the earlier games as Morrowind being the better game and Oblivion being the better rpg sandbox. Skyrim may wind up with its own niche beside them rather than supplanting either.

    Time will tell.