Monday, November 14, 2011

Other Random FNV Stuff

With NCCS out of the way for the immediate future, I've been doing all sorts of stuff with the game lately.

As I mentioned the other day, I added about seventy lines of code to one of my personal companions' scripts, so that she'll harass me when bored. The odds of the conversations coming up were kept fairly low so I didn't have to worry about it annoying me by happening every cell change. Through whatever convergence of chance, the first time it fired was after the fade-in following starting OWB...

(So much for that whole "no companions" rule, eh?)

I've gotta say, it did get a good chuckle out of me. Not near as much as when we were roaming the big empty and she grabbed me and flashed me, though. That one took a fair bit more code than just plain dialogue, let me tell you.

One of the many, many random ambushes we suffered from the robo scorpions. For some reason, she kept on using that marksman's carbine; despite having a Dead Money automatic rifle and mess of AP ammo. Strange girl; but whatever. She gets the job done, so I'm not going to force the weapon choice.

On that note, I have to say OWB was a supreme disappointment. In the opening, it seemed like it was going to be great. The writing was wonderful. Then the questing started... and it was another string of hunt and fetch the ridiculously scattered objects while dealing with a wasteland full of people who are hostile for no apparent reason, and being hounded by the overpowered minions of a faceless antagonist; again for no discernible reason. Then I met Mobius and he wasn't even hostile... I'm still trying to figure out why I had to kill him.

And like other Fallout DLC, in the end the material rewards were pretty lame. A shit-ton of junk recovered from robots, a couple laser guns, and an apartment full of computers who won't shut the hell up.

Plus, I think Mystery-chan really wanted to stomp on the mini-securitron; but sadly the game does not have such provisions.

Me? I just want to know why the hell my disembodied brain had a British accent.

You may also notice Mystery-chan's Centurion armor looks different. Another of the projects I embarked upon was some retexturizing. Specifically, Cass' outfit, and the Centurion armor.

You can see here Maeva graciously modeling the modified Cass' outfit. This one is simply darker than normal. The pastel has been stripped out of the shirt, but you can still clearly see that the jeans were once blue; and in its heyday that midnight blue jacket must have been something. The necklace is still sporting a pretty sapphire, too.

This one, rather than simple darkening, has been switched to black and gray. Faded black jeans, gray and white shirt; the black jacket has certainly seen better days. On this one, the necklace has gone over to pewter with a smoke-colored stone.

Since Mystery-chan isn't big on wearing red, I worked her favorite outfit over, as well.

First attempt was blue replacing the red; but otherwise mostly unchanged. Didn't turn out bad, although I think the hue on the blue strap holding the pauldron in place may be too strong.

Also: all kinds of fuck you, Firefox -- pauldron is too a Goddamned word you Philistine of a web browser.

And lastly we have the black. After some discussion, all agreed that this was the best of the two.

Took awhile to scrub the Legion standards off that Centurion armor, but I think it was worth it.

No idea what to do with the retexes. Can't imagine they'd go over well on the Nexus. Mine never do. The Centurion armor especially would probably be referred to as... what was it he called my V1 security uniforms? "Death squad armor". As if I'd take that as an insult...


  1. Your work on Cass' outfits looks pretty good to me. Seems to suit Maeva rather well, in my (biased) opinion. Although I like that shade of blue on the pauldron strap, it does seem a bit "strong" for that particular outfit. The black version looks good though.

    And now that you mention it, I have been thinking of using your "death squad" armour for Cameron for a public release. That should prevent the previous issue of "no longer available on the Nexus" I've had already. I have had a couple requests for her, so I had to make a few wardrobe changes. Bloody irritating...

  2. While it wasn't intentional, the leather being a stronger color than the fabric isn't unrealistic. Depending on the dye used, and the type, condition, and tanning of the leather to begin with, it does happen sometimes. But it just didn't look "right" to me, pretty though the color may be.

    As for the 'resources no longer available' bit: that's why I don't share the good shit. Well, one of the reasons. The meshes and textures stash for my "special" companions is well over six hundred megabytes, and contains things that I wouldn't have the barest inkling of where to go looking for the author of to ask permission. Half of my neat meshes were scavenged from non-English mod databases, and didn't come with readmes to begin with.

  3. Ack! Yeah, I can see that being problematic, especially if there's a language barrier involved.

  4. Downloading from the Nexus these days is definitely a case of "grab it while you can". You never know when the authors of resources will get banned for telling it like it is. Which definitely supports your concerns, Nos. I'd bet you'd have such a thing uploaded less than a week before someone would come along pointing a finger.

    That aside, I like the recolors and retextures, especially the black centurion armor. That would look great in Oblivion.