Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Other Hardcore Mode

Reading around the Lovers Lab forum tonight... because I'm, well, severely bored. Normally just keep track of Oblivion stuffs, but I happened to pop into the FO3/NV section. Looking over a thread on a mod called "Sexout" which is a general perverse addon for NV; apparently based on some half-finished Japanese mod for FO3. The thread was about "what do you want to see in the mod?"

Glancing down the lists; usual fare -- raping, drugs, slavery, animal sex; all the stuff you normally see on wish lists for these sorts of mods.

Then I saw it.

"Support for NCCS companions somehow"

So many conflicting thoughts. I mean, there's the "ew" of course -- I'm not against dirty mods in any way, but that whole drugging and raping and slavery thing... it's not me -- but there's also "hey, I guess some people do use the mod!" followed by "I bet I could run out a compatibility plugin..." to " I want an official compatibility plugin for that sort of thing...?"

I wonder: am I wasting my time on the wrong kind of "hardcore mode" for NCCS? Popularity for the mod does seem to lie down the wet-spot-stained road...


  1. So, how would your personal companions react to this discovery? :)

    I got to admit, it could be a shocking surprise for people looking for a companion "hardcore mode" plugin without realising what they're getting.

    Also, that word "plugin" suddenly gains disturbing overtones :O

  2. "So, how would your personal companions react to this discovery? :)"

    Hang on, I think I have a .wav of gunfire around here someplace...

  3. Despite the "morally questionable" circumstances, I suppose it should be comforting to know that the mod is more widely-used than has been readily apparent to date.

    Now I can't help but wonder how many of my own creations are someone's sex-slaves somewhere...

  4. First of all, people do modding for fun and personal passion. Hence, if you don't like doing something - don't do it. So if someone wants your companions to be sex slaves it should be his problem and not yours. Let them do all necessary scripting and rewriting.

  5. As someone calling himself "Druuler" on the 'net, I am embarrassed to say that I was completely clueless as to the reference of the posts title *facepalm* That said, now every time I see or hear the phases "hardcore" and "plugin", I am pretty sure as to where my mind will be going... I should be getting some rather strange looks for the ensuing giggles and snickers, not like that is unusual though.

  6. @Druuler:

    Don't feel bad, it just means you haven't been completely corrupted by your time on the intarwebz yet.

    Don't worry, we'll get you there eventually. You took a big step today!

  7. Why do I suddenly here "one of us! one of us!" chanting somewhere in the distance? Lol!

  8. Corruption of innocent minds, there's nothing quite like it :)

  9. No innocence here, hasn't been for years XD It is just a case of word association from playing FO3, etc, for the last year and a half.