Sunday, December 6, 2009

RR Companions Vault v5.1 Progress

Progress is slower than I stated it would be.

The new prisoner system is in, and seems to work. The occlusion plane issues have been resolved - or at least the ones I'm aware of. The new guards and their areas and packages are done, and function as well as the FO3 engine will allow. Have finished the area for the new merchant's guards.

Still have to write the merchant's and her guards' packages, the merchant's shop and living quarters, and some dialog. Possibly a quest to get her to come to the tunnels. And, of course, set up her inventory.

All in all, this shouldn't be more than a few hours' work. I could probably have it done by noon today.

But, I find myself... less than motivated.

I'm tired.

Tired of bug fixing.

Tired of re-answering the same six technical questions that were moronic the first time they were asked.

Tired of hearing how I should completely rewrite the mod because someone thinks it would be more fun as a tie-in to RTS, or they have some twisted fantasy about turning FO3 into the fucking sims.

I'm tempted to begin ignoring any question answered in the readme.

This shit is getting in the way of working on the mods I actually enjoy, and at eight hours a day, seven days a week, the RR Companions Vault has become a job I don't get paid for.

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