Friday, December 11, 2009

RR Companions Vault v5.1 Upcoming, Part II

Back at work now.

PMs and comments answered.

And no, I don't give a shit if you think they're "scary", I'm not redoing my girls in the companions pack. For the record, I think the ones in Project Beauty look like skanks. So there.

Back to V1, though.

Banged out a fair bit of the dialog already, and wrote about half the new packages for the merchant and her crew. Got her inventory tentatively set up, and think I put in the right leveled lists so that if you run the 20th CW plugin for the supply system, it'll put the new weapons and ammo into Chloe's inventory, too.

I think.

Still have to set up the shop, and Chloe's bedroom, and write her guards' guarding packages - something I can't do till the shop is done, since they need markers placed for where to guard.

Can't give a hard estimate for when I'll have it done. Which is pretty irrelevant anyway, seeing as I completely ignored my last two "it'll be done by..." statements.

After I grab a shower and cram some food into myself, I think I'll load 'er up and take some screenshots of the new stuffs. At least hand out a decent little preview of how things look now.

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