Thursday, December 17, 2009

RR Companions Vault v5.1 Upcoming, Part V

Yeah, this is stretching out longer than I meant it to.

Nothing ever goes according to plan, you should know this by now.

The prisoner system is fucked. It is fucking fucked. It is fucking fucked by the fucking FO3 engine. I don't see any viable way to fix it, or implement a working alternative; and to be honest, I've got no interest in spending three mind-numbing months trying.

For those of you who like it: either download Enclave Commander, or just shut up. Either way, seek professional help. I'm pretty sure a preoccupation with taking people prisoner alludes to some sort of mental problem.

I've wasted too much modding time, and damn near burned myself out trying already. No more.

I'm seriously considering implementing a solution I had joked to Sgt Ovakill about, and turning the jail into a room where scantily clad women dance on tables.

Or maybe a shooting range for the vault denizens. Either way, no more prisoners.

Moving on.

I'd have been done yesterday, but I needed to make some last minute adjustments to Chloe's inventory.

Which, of course, then had to be tested by waiting long enough for a cell-reset to get her inventory to respawn itself.

The offender in question was power armor. I had forgotten to add it to her inventory, and it occurred to me as I was doing so that I would also like her to carry Enclave stuffs. But not right out of the blue, no.

I set her up a secondary merchant container, that had its enable status slaved to the master Enclave camp reference - the one that the game sets to know when to start spawning soldiers at the Enclave camps, as well as patrols. Because it functions from said master reference, the Enclave inventory will also appear if you run Enclave Enabled (which I do).

I used some of the existing leveled lists to do this, so any level requirements that were normally in place will still be so.

The Enclave inventory doesn't just consist of power armor, but also officer's uniforms, high end energy weapons and ammo, Enclave chems, et al.

Without the Enclave on the scene, Chloe will still carry a smattering of normal and BoS armors scavenged from the wasteland. This stuff will not be in pristine condition, and it's not commonplace.

I'm considering giving her a Power Armor Training Manual, as well, but haven't decided as yet.


Note to self: remember to set up Sabine and Mai to be able to give the player PA training in a later version of the companions pack.


Inventories all tested, and seems to be working. AI problems with the new guards worked out. Even wrote a script that has a random chance to turn the radios in the access tunnels on and off, to simulate the residents changing their minds about their respective radios making noise.

I've still got some alterations to make to the readme, and then will be uploading this monstrosity upon you all.

(insert maniacal cackling here)

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