Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Have Arisen!

From my place at death's door.

Damned food poisoning. I swear, the cooks at all the local restaurants have some form of the fucking black death...


Alive-ish, again, for the moment, at least.

Getting some modding done today. I've already gotten v5.3 of the RR master about done. I think I have the naked guards problem solved, but only time will tell. If I can ever get the system un-fucked, I plan to expand the daily showering thing to the standard V1 residents, as well. Can't imagine living in recycled air with a dozen people who never bathe would be very much fun.

Also gotten the next version of Redecorated about ready. Like last version, this is smaller than I wanted to release, but I just don't have the time to dedicate to it right now. So I'll make do with just the new couches and rugs moved into the access tunnels. At least keep a consistent theme going.

I've also begun seriously looking into an alternate start mod for Vault 1. It seems straightforward enough, but I've learned not to be deceived by this evil, evil game.

Because of numerous requests, I'm also going to be posting my load order up here shortly. I know you can see parts of it in the screenshots for the tutorial, and apparently people are beginning to wonder how I keep it all playing nicely.

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