Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Screenshot, Alma

Finally got Picasa to take a png file.

The downside? It "helps" me by converting the displayed file to 640x480.

Still, the difference is considerable.


Here's one of Alma I took the other day.

Now, here's the one with upped graphics:

Pretty impressive increase in quality. Still, the increase in file size coupled with the aggravation of uploading one at a time to preserve the format makes this less than practical. Suppose I'll have to try out gif...


Trying some new conversion settings in GIMP, since JPG seems to be the only practical format.

This is the JPG version of the same Alma picture, set up to pull the max quality I can from the JPG file format.

For the life of me, I can't tell a noticeable difference between the two, even under 2x magnification.

Downside is to get them like this, I have to convert each one by hand. It seems the third party "batch converter" plugin I've been using has been responsible for the lion's share of the quality loss.

Annoying as it is... I think the extra trouble is warranted.

Of course, this also means I'm going to have the urge to remove and retake every one of my posted screenshots...

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