Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More New Screenshots

Yeah, I'm on a roll this morning. Seem to have worked out the conversion settings, and had the decent fucking sense for once to save my settings as defaults for easy loading later on. Should speed the conversion process a tish, at least.

Managed to get the jpg's going with only a two to three-fold increase in size - 500 to 800kb, rather than the previous 250 to 400kb. Quality is still good, and file size (being below a meg) should be shiny for the Nexus and Picasa both.

Want to have a look? You know you do...

First, we've got two from Redecorated, showing off the pool lighting and alternate bedroom lighting, respectively:

Next, we've got Ellie:

And two of Maeva:

Damn, I love those eyes.

Seems I still need to do a bit of work on her facial skin, though. Doesn't quite match up... Must be wearing makeup.

Yeah, that's my story... >_>

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