Friday, January 15, 2010

Nos' Companions Special, Upcoming

Been tinkering with the custom bodied version of the companions pack, still. It's just about done. I'm happy with most of it... save two textures.

One is one I modified for the Cohen sisters. I added them an Outcast tattoo on the left arm. Trouble is, Fallout 3 doesn't wrap the texture straight, and you end up with this:

Isn't horrid... just not quite right. I've actually got the tattoo twisted a good twenty degrees to one side on the texture to get it even that straight in game. Not sure what I can do about the curve in the center, other than try to twist it to the opposite of that design so that it wraps straight.

Second problem is with Maeva. Her original form called for black lipstick, nails, a set of horns and a spade tail (demon and all...). I've since opted to leave the horns and tail out, but wanted to add the lipstick and nail polish.

The odd bit on the face I'm not so worried about. It's caused by the fucked up vault lighting, and doesn't look like that under sunlight. The problem, you can see if you look close, is that the lipstick does not cover her entire bottom lip. This is completely contrary to how it looks in the base texture, where it does cover the entire lip. Again, weird texture wrapping at work.

The nails look okay, but I see some odd problems now and again. Trouble is, I'm not sure what's a legitimate problem, and what's just an error in the pose mod's animation file.

So, hell, I dunno. Nothing seems to work lately. Wondering again why I bother.

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