Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nos' Companions, Screenshots, Kate and Alma

Oh, the horrific ordeals I endure for you people.

Grabbed Kate and Alma, put them into some suitable armor, and went adventurin'.

Cleared out the SatComm relays up north, wandered along the Potomac awhile, cleaned out the Deathclaw Sanctuary, and finally ending up in Roosevelt Academy.

Lessons learned:

1) The laser rifle still sucks.

2) Alma burns through fifty cal ammo faster than Maeva does 7.62 NATO. I didn't think that was possible. 35 rounds lasted her all of about ten seconds with an AS-50. Finally defaulted to just giving her a scoped G36. 5.56mm ammo I got. Seemed to work for her, and the super muties were far too dead to complain.

3) NPCs still don't understand GAS LEAK.

And now, the screenshots I'm sure you all suffered through my rambling to get to:

Alma and Kate, posing for a photo before we began the assault on the Satcomm station. Alma, of course, is dressed as an Adeptus Sororita, with Kate wearing the Battle Scribe with Targeter outfit from Ling's Finer Things. The Sisters armor came with a helmet, but it does make it rather difficult to tell who's inside, and since I'm not taking photos for that mod...

Alma posing over a raider she capped. I really like this one. BEGONE, SINNER! Really should've given her a flamer for the full effect.

I decided to stick Kate in the other set of Sisters armor that came with the mod. Mostly because I didn't feel like carrying the crap anymore, but I also figured it might make for a neat screenshot at some point in our adventure. I was right. I call this one "Sisters of Battle" which is simultaneously somewhat witty and so very cheesy and lame. Oh well, what're ya gonna do?

That's it for the installment. Getting good screenshots is harder than you'd think. These'll be going up to the Nos' RR Companions file entry here shortly.

Ugh. More in the PM box? Notoriety has its downsides, I assure you.


  1. Not going to PM you, but glad you took some time off to just play the danged game. The Sororitas mod looks so good I may have to pick it up. I'd stayed away from some of the 40k stuff, but have been using Tau weapons to good effect.

  2. Appreciate the thought, but it wasn't really "time off", since I spent the whole time going: "Okay, would THAT make a good screenshot? Well how about that? I wonder if I could get them to face this way while they're shooting those raiders..."

    As for the armor, I'm sort of ambivalent about it. On the one hand, it IS certainly cool looking, and doesn't seem to have a high enough poly count to tax my system. But on the other hand, I had a substantial rise in CTD events with that armor in game. Three or four in as many hours of play - I normally don't get three in twelve hours' worth. So I'm not sure whether something is bugged. Worse yet, the readme appears to be nothing but a copy of the one for the original armor that was for Unreal Tournament III.

    Still, if you wanna check it out: