Saturday, January 16, 2010

RR Companions Vault v5.3, Upcoming

We're entering the home stretch of v5.3. I'm doing some final tweaking and testing, and should have it up soon.

As it stands now, the changes are:

Chloe is no longer hired on. She simply begins in the tunnels. Now no one will have to ask me where to find her, why it takes so long for her to set up, or complain that the new NPCs don't appear where they're supposed to. This will also remove the bitchfest I've had to deal with over the guards ostensibly attacking Canterbury residents.

Chloe's AI has received a slight modification; she now turns out most of the bedroom and shop lights when she goes to bed, and turns them back on when getting up.

Tunnel guards' shower packages have received updates, that have thus far prevented them ending up naked. Only time will tell whether it's an actual fix, though.

Sliding doors have been added to the here-to-fore empty doorways in the access tunnels. Most default to open, so you may have to look close to notice them.

Couches in the Overseer's office in Vault 1 have been fixed. They were previously floating in the air about six inches, and apparently have been since before I started working on the mod.

The wall-lean marker in the Vault 1 lounge has been fixed. Previously, it had the guard leaning up against air, several inches from the wall.

Dialog options and accompanying scripts have been modified. The companions are now set to PlayerTeammate 1 upon hiring, or being told to follow. When told to stay, or when you break up, they are set to Playerteammate 0. This is mainly so you people will stop bitching at me about not being able to talk to companions whilst sneaking. However, do note that when you speak to them while in the act of sneaking, speaking to them will cause them to stand up. This is hardcoded into the engine as far as I can tell, and I can't change it. Don't ask.

Other dialog has received updates to fix spelling, puntuaction, and just plain lame lines. Animations have also been added to several, and the code for the 'turn off your pip-boy light' has been fixed - both responses should actually turn the light off, now.

New companion feature: in the personal items dialog menu, you will be able to have your companion equip or remove their pip-boy. The 'turn on your pip-boy light' option has been set so that it only appears if the companion is wearing one.

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