Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Amongst other slackings-off of late, I've also been neglecting my Nexus tracking list; the listing of files' new screenshots, changes to files, and so forth.

Glancing through the list this morning, updated Owned, wondered yet again what EARACHE42 is on that's caused his modding so many problems with the eXCALIBR Munitions Shop (v2.4 was pulled today).

On reading down the list, I happened to notice Little Sister Robyn - one of Polarbearcub777's companions - had gotten a new screenshot, titled innocently enough "Time to sleep".

Took a look... and apparently the uploader used the sleep command I created to get her to go to bed.

Fuck me but it's creepy seeing an eight year old in a nighty.

I'll confess, when I originally wrote those options, there were virtually no "child" companions at that time. In full honesty, it never occurred to me that so many people would be creating these things.

Makes me waffle a bit. I am so very tempted to make a further modification to 5.64 that I've been playing on the past couple weeks, and replace the sleep system items with something more... conservative.

I'm generally about as amoral as they come... but I just do not like the idea of enabling pedophiles, even inadvertently...

I wonder if Blackie or ZableBlaze ever have days like this?


  1. Having done the Shojo companions and some "teens" in the RR Scouts mods, I had noticed the sleepwear issue but did not think much of it since in both those cases the actual child bodies, or at least the child textures, were not being used. I wouldn't think the adult clothing, or at least the negligees, would display properly for children anyway. But then I haven't tried the newest incarnation of the CotW mod so I'm only guessing. I agree with you that something like the blastoff pajamas would be far more appropriate for child companions. But if you decided to change your sleep command script, would you be able to keep the adult girls in the negligees at the same time?

  2. Yes and no.

    I've already considered it, but it's a lot of extra code. Few hundred lines, plus. Also creation of new items; and after all that it still won't handle any custom races.

    So the Shojos and whatnot would be totally unaffected, as would any race you set up for custom eyes or whatever without conflicting with existing plugins - it could only work on the vanilla child races.

    Lot of work for little benefit and a half-assed solution, I think.

    I couldn't tell you how the items work on vanilla child bodies. I've never tested it, 'cause I always figured no one in their right mind would want elementary school denizens tagging along with them.

    I did, of course, forget that this is the internet. I'm just grateful the Child Empire weirdos seem to stick to SCC for their... *ahem* "needs".

  3. I wouldn't go jumping gun just yet. Sending a child companion of to get some sleep isn't wrong as long as thay have there sleepwear on, but if AP was involved I'ed say lock and load Bro lets go get the mother fucker.

  4. Okay guys, seriously: don't mind me.

    I'm just bitchier than usual the last couple days. On top of my teeth bugging me more than usual and another bout with depression, I found out that my request for exemption from jury duty was denied yesterday.

    I stated that being unemployed and lacking both car and driver's license, I have no means of REACHING the court house.

    The letter I received contained the number of the local taxi service.

    I guess "unemployed" doesn't mean what I think it does... that or taxis are free for court secretaries.

    So... I pretty much want the entire world to end in a ball of fire and pain right now.

    S'kinda funny. If you don't show, you can be sent to jail; get paid a tenth of minimum wage, and have no say whatsoever in where, how long, or in what capacity you "serve". Last I heard, that was called slavery; and has been illegal since 1863.

    Then again, what the fuck do I know? I'm still convinced the United States is a representative republic, and not a democracy in the first place...