Friday, July 2, 2010

It Never Rains...

...but oh man, does it pour.

Have heard nary a peep in my PM box for over a week now, save for some bantering I've had going on with Herculine.

I've gotten like eight PMs now in the last 24 hours. A French translation of the RR Companions Vault (must... not... quote... Reverend Al Bundy...), and two new companion mods.

One of which I fear is going to blow up in its author's face, since he's planning on trying to use the RR system to run creature followers; which it was not meant to do. I have no idea how all those sandbox and dialog options are going to work for something that can't use furniture or equip items. Also not sure what'll happen when you try to force an animal to equip an item...

And of course, it would have to happen on the third day in a row that I was getting called out of town. Trying to get my seeeeeeeecret new project ready for upping. Or, the intro and first episode anyway. (ZOMG, HINT AS TO ITS NATURE!)

Guh. I swear, between being a weaponry consultant, keeping up with RR comments and PMs, and trying to keep my apartment from looking like it's inhabited by a pack of wild dogs, there just aren't enough hours in the day to actually mod much.

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