Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Morning Sitrep

Okay, first up I'm going to confess something:

I'm not modding. At all.

I haven't even turned the GECK on in something like a week now. I'm fed up with the Nexus in general. Stupidity on top of arrogance, running hand-in-hand with a massive entitlement complex. Completely ungrateful, to top it off.

I get bitch after bitch that something doesn't work right, and the only way I know if my help actually has, is because I never hear from the malcontent again.

Someone remind me why I go out of my way to help these sacks of shit?

The nature of summer, though. The daemonspawn are out of their prisons, and apparently it's the "in" thing for kids to go around the internet, causing as much trouble as humanly possible.

And of course, I do apologize to any actual Daemonic entities in the audience for making that comparison. I know you guys are actually okay.

The Nexus itself is rapidly rising on my shit list, as well. As if the puritan rewrite of the image share rules wasn't bad enough, now we've got member rankings and "activity points". Oh goodie. Mark my words, Kiddies: we're going to see member of the month voting a'fore too long. What's next? Voting people off the fucking island? Must everything be a goddamned popularity contest?!

And of course, points are arbitrarily awarded by moderators based on how much a member's actions have "helped the community". If I still gave a fuck, I'd be feeling ill.

Nos' Adventures also isn't going well. Ria may be quite possibly the dumbest NPC I have ever created. She's nearly gotten me killed a half dozen times now from refusing to engage enemies until the last second. I'm not sure what wires got crossed where, but something is certainly fucked up.

Between the short-bus performance of Arianrhod and FWE (the bitches about which I'll get to in a minute) the game is so unenjoyable now that this morning was the first time I played since... Tuesday? Monday, maybe.

Since CoD4 continues to be a massive pain in my ass, I decided to drop back into the wastes. Except... I enlisted some aid.

You may recognize her. Not carrying one of her favorite weapons, since I didn't want to unfairly stack the odds away from Ria. Handed over the same assault rifle Ria had been carrying, just to keep things fair.

Told Ria to stay in Silver's place, and took off with my proper companion to start some trouble and see if the poor performance was because of FWE. Since the School and Super Duper Mart were both already cleaned out, we headed for the Overpass Outpost to go raider huntin'.

Immediately, I suspected it wasn't FWE, since my companion noticed a molerat that I didn't, took cover behind a tree and laid into the thing with the assault rifle. When we finally found the raiders, she did it again - laying bursts of fire onto anyone who made the mistake of coming within fifty yards of us.

Okay, FWE doesn't affect their AI, then.

Don't know what I'm going to do about it. If it was in character for Ria to be fucking worthless, I'd tough it out; but she's supposed to be handy in a fight from the start. Shit, at this point little Katie's more help when a gunfight breaks out.

If Nos' Adventures continues, I think an actress switch is in order.

That's a big if, though, because I really don't like where the characters are going, already. Granted, it doesn't seem to you like they've gone anywhere, since you haven't read the third entry...

So... yeah. Guess I'm frustrated, jaded, and just generally being a whiny, nihilistic fuck yet again.


  1. Sorry to hear it's all that discouraging. If I could I'd give you a hug and a pat on the back and say: "There, there, it'll all be okay..." Or maybe one of those cookies you've spoken of. I had begun to wonder if you were still alive, and I'm glad to see that you in fact are. I'd offer more words of encouragement, but I've been waiting at least a week for someone at Doomworld to get around to looking at that first map, so I'm not the happiest camper either. I need my own website, really.

  2. I'm still alive. I don't have a choice in the matter. I'd rather not be, but She Who Owns My Ass has forbidden my dying, so here I stay.