Friday, July 30, 2010


So, my Dark Master is apparently still out there somewhere, and hasn't totally forgotten me.

Got my rebate check from Benelli today.

Still pissed about that SBH... but oh man do I love finding money in the mailbox.

Sexy Italian auto-shotgun + two bills in cash back = temporarily not-miserable NosCo CEO.

Of course, knowing me I'll turn around and put the two hundred bucks into an extended tube to get it up to the US.Mil 7+1 capacity... but what're ya gonna do?


Shit! I just thought of something. This being in a good mood thing is going to totally hamper my ability to go all Lord of Darkness on that shop clerk later this afternoon.

Good one, Universe!


  1. Yes, the universe does have it's sense of humor. Loves laughing at me too...

  2. I wouldn't mind the laughing if it didn't insist on reaching over and smacking me all upside tha head before doing so.