Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Stupid...

...It hurts us...

Why is it that every goddamned time I get half-way in the mood to fire up the GECK again, I get some stupidity from "the community"?


"Very Good mod, but the companions Celina and Alma (orsomething like that) have no hair and a giant red exclamation point, what should i do next?"

Lazy little fuck couldn't even be bothered to spell Celia's name correctly.

Damn. In retrospect, instead of directing him to the FAQ I should have answered with: "RTFM(orsomethinglikethat)!"

But 'lo! That would surely constitute being unkind to the genetically defective, which is most assuredly against the rules of yon holy gathering spot for slothful morons we know as the Nexus.

Y'know, with the frequency that these posts of moron-itude +5 occur at, I wonder some days if the universe isn't actively trying to keep me away from modding new work...


  1. Ugh I swear in a year's time or even less they won't even spell any words right.

    Really it's not that hard to take it one step at a time and really read the read me or at least read other comments to see if anyone else had the same thing -_-;

    Yeah I think the universe really does not want you to mod anything for awhile or at least until Summer is over so all the demons go back to the prisons they belong in.

  2. I got one of those too:

    "My load order is correct and I have all the required RR mods. With this ESM turned on the game crashes to Desktop at start. Turn it off and it starts fine. ????"

    My response:

    "In order to try to help you figure out what the problem might be I need to see your load order. Without knowing what other mods you have installed or if your load order is in fact correct, I just don't have enough information to try to help you."

    It never ceases to amaze me; total lack of info yet expects a solution to his problem. Must be one of those little summertime demons...

  3. So who cares if them little SOB's game runs or not? RTFM or suffer on your own,I say! As long as our game runs smooth who cares HaHaHeHe. Ya I know Im a mean old prick, and so be it.

  4. Fucken A I figured out to post here.

  5. Hey, Sergeant! Nice to see you make an appearance in my comments section. I had left it set to allow anonymous posting of comments, but it looks like you went and got yourself an account. Congrats!

  6. As for the people complaining about their games not working... I want to have sympathy for them, I really do; but the red diamonds bit isn't JUST my mods. It's a Fallout 3 thing in general that affects any mod that uses custom content. It's not like the fixes are some arcana secreted away in tomes jealously guarded by secret societies!

    A ten second Google search will pull up the fix.

    It bugs me because the whole thing smacks of laziness.

    Besides which, I know my readme files aren't perfect, but they seem to me at least to be pretty straightforward. I usually put in a table of contents with search-able chapter headers and everything...

    I love comments like Herculine got. These people expect you to be able to know off the top of your head every mod and every hardware issue that might cause a crash, without knowing what they're running.

    Almost as much fun as the people who report their DirectX version and a hexadecimal Windows error code, like they'll do any good to a modder. Don't know about anyone else, but I don't speak hex, and don't have a background in debugging DLL files.

    You will notice, however, that I completely ignored the one commenter who "falls through the floor in the cell after going through the door".

    Even I have my limits. Even if I was getting paid, it wouldn't be enough to deal with some of these people...

    Fortunately, there are people like you guys, who remind me that not everyone in the community is an asshat. You guys have no idea how instrumental you've been in keeping me from abandoning my Nexus account and buying a copy of Dragon Age or something.

  7. I've seen my share of the little monsters in my modding career, so I feel your frustration. The ones that get my panties in a twist are the ones that think they can do a better job than I can and don't seem to know their asses from a hole in the ground to star with.

  8. Haven't gotten one of those in awhile now, Michelle, but I have seen quite a few over the months.

    I love it when people who've never opened a construction set in their life declare that you should add something, because after all, it's JUST a little thing that anyone should be able to do, right?

    Which is where I usually suggest if it's so easy, they should download the GECK and do it themselves... but I find I'm getting markedly less nice as the years go by.