Saturday, July 17, 2010

Late Night Modding

Well, your not-so-friendly host's sleep habits are destroyed, yet again. Damned innate nocturnal proclivity...

Didn't wake up until after 1700 today; but to be fair I did get laundry and dishes done this morning before passing out around 1030.

Bored out of my goddamned skull this eve... err, I guess it's morning now, isn't it? I swear, cable television gets worse every week.

So, per usual when you get me bored enough, I start modding. I've been working on something to do with Nos' Adventures, which you'll be seeing here shortly; but I also decided I wanted to update Maeva's look. Erm, My Maeva, I should say. I'm not going to mess with the one in the companions pack, as I understand she's "weird enough" for most of you as it is.

Kids, today...

Anyhow. The "flaming" eyes I showed in the last post were on her. I also got the skin switched out, and a bit of new wardrobe...

I like.

If you look on the left side, you can also see She Who Shall Not Be Named rejoining the group, doing the swagger of bad-ass-itude - which I will add she earned. God. Damn. That would've been chilling, if I... y'know, still had a soul and whatnot. You'll be hearing about that, too.

I'd always wondered what would happen if I let two of the girls go at it like I know they want to... now I know.

Back to my original point, though: messing about in GECK and game this evening/morning has reminded me why I had fun modding in the first place.

It's not code and "features". It isn't begging for endorsements on the Nexus, either.

I just love designing characters. I get so caught up in tracking down bugs and answering vapid technical questions sometimes that I forget that.


  1. "I just love designing characters."

    Well, you're probably the last person on Earth that I need to say this to since I'm sure you already know well enough, but I TOTALLY know what you mean.

    During my days of playing Dungeons and Dragons I was notorious for joining multiple new campaigns just so I could create new characters.

    And these days there's my FO3 companions mods, which I really need to get back to whipping up some more of. Damn my Doom addiction...

    BTW... LOVE your Maeva! Looks like she'd sooner tear out a man's jugular with her fangs rather than use something so impersonal as a firearm.

  2. Well, dear Maeva did use a claymore in Oblivion, to great effect.

    But since moving into more modern ages, she's developed a... shall we say 'considerable affinity' for belt fed weapons and auto-shotguns. The girl can CLEAN HOUSE with a shotgun, and even the Zombie Apocalypse mod couldn't keep up with her armed with that M60.

    Of course, having used both myself, I fully agree - even if my personal tastes in weaponry do range more towards the DMR aspect.

    You know, my design proclivities are actually kind of funny. I was big into NWN, years ago. She Who Owns My Ass used to laugh at me from time to time, and declare that it was hard to believe I was straight; as much time as I spent designing and color-coordinating outfits and weapons.

  3. Oh, yeah; forgot to mention:

    On the eyes, I was originally fine with the glow-y red, but once I got the firestorm eyes done the other night (total accidental discovery, by the way - I wasn't doing anything more than messing with some color combinations), I decided I just like them too much to switch her back.

    They're so wonderfully... hellish.

    Now if I could just find a black lipstick-ed facial texture that doesn't suck...

  4. ...I thought I made a post here already...hmm


    I am glad you know and remember why you enjoy modding and I do like the screen shots. You are good at making the people and I agree I wish some of the textures did not suck so much.

  5. I wouldn't mind the facial textures so much, but it's the way the game engine wraps the texture around the mesh.

    The facial texture I made up specifically for her looks perfect in my image editor. The lipstick is on straight and fairly even-coated; no smears or such.

    But get it in game, and it's applied in a way that it doesn't cover the entire bottom lip, and when you use the facial animations to make her smile or whatnot, it pulls the mouth around in such a way that she starts looking like Pablo fucking Picasso did her makeup.

    I'm just so sick of having my plans thwarted by lazy work on the game engine...