Monday, November 29, 2010


Rewriting the creation tutorial.

So... much... text...

I've got the index and basic pages done. All new screenshots across the board, new Debbies made for the occasion.

Still have to do the advanced page. The mods page is going to be short, since there are virtually no mods out for NV that I actually think are good enough to use. I think I've got one radio fix plugin, Herculine's companions, and the rest is all stuff I've created.

Have to lay off for the time being though. After three straight hours of rewriting and screenshotting, I need a break.

Assuming I don't get another attack of the cursed eyestrain, the new guide should go up later tonight, or tomorrow morning.


  1. Cool. I hope nobody steals this one.

    What? Yeah, that's right... I'm allowed to say that here. Who's gonna ban me?

  2. Yeah but you're also biased.

    I bribed you with upload rights and all, so naturally you're going to take my side and all...

  3. Perhaps.

    Maybe instead of accepting that bribe I should have just copy and pasted a companion system from another game and uploaded it myself...

    ...HNVCS... Herculine's New Vegas Companion System... yeah, I kinda like the sound of that..., let's see... ctrl+c is copy... ctrl+v is paste...

  4. Burn.

    Someone's not a cheerful 'lil fairy tonight.

    Run out of...

    No wait, I can't say something about pixie dust. You'll take it as a cocaine reference.

    ...Damn it, drugs and sex are the only jokes I know how to make...

    Woe is me.

    WOE, I SAY!

  5. Well, certain character flaws just really tick me off.

    At least I have the integrity to openly admit, as I have publicly done several times, that I know but a minute fraction about scripting and such and all I really do is whip up some NPCs and add custom hairs or maybe even a custom race to them and then add the companion script and faction. Credit for all their scripting goes to this guy right here, so be sure to give him props too.

    If you were for whatever reason to leave the modding scene and gave me permission to port NCCS over to FALLOUT 5: CLEVELAND, I would continue to make those same statements. I see no shame in doing so; it's the right thing to do.

    Furthermore, I wouldn't start a huge project, leave you to finish it by yourself, then reappear later to port it over to a new game and say: "hey, look at what I can do!"

    But like I said, what do I know about any of it anyway? Who am I to shoot my mouth off about it? I just make characters...

  6. Someone's certainly been thinking of late.