Monday, January 31, 2011

And Now, For Something Completely Different...

I know, I've been posting quite a bit that has nothing to do with gaming.

It's my blog, deal with it, et cetera.

I just wanted to note quickly that Six Feet Under may well be the greatest cover band to walk the face of the fucking Earth.

Came by copies of Graveyard Classics I, II, and III yesterday... and damn. Those boys can certainly handle an axe. Plus, their AC/DC covers are so beautifully wrong.

You Shook Me All Night Long done as Death Metal? Glorious.

I do not envy that poor bastard of a lead singer's throat, though. That sort of thing can not be good for your vocal cords. Let alone doing it regularly for twenty years.


  1. Which is likely why we don't see many female death metal vocalists. I attempted to reproduce the sound once myself and made it so far as to sound like Marge Simpson or her sisters and then found myself coughing too much to continue. Sounding like one has been gargling sandpaper must be a talent one is born with I suppose. But then, I've always been one who listens to death metal for the sound of the hardware; they could have no vocalist at all and I'd still be satisfied. It'd be awfully hard to do those covers without one though...

    ...oh, and a kudo for the Monty Python reference. Love those guys!

  2. Don't normally care for the screamy/growly vocals myself, but the guy from Six Feet Under pulls it off pretty well. That guitarist, though... yeah, he's somethin' else.

    Don't know if you're a fan, but the guitarist from Five Finger Death Punch is pretty awesome, too. Bad Company and Hard to See are both great tracks.

    I also cannot do the death metal voice. The couple times in my youth that I tried convinced me I don't want to be able to. I fear some of us just plain don't have the vocal cords for it.

    I can do Peter Steel pretty well, though; and can passably keep up with Ville Valo on some tracks.

    Speaking of Pete and covers, he was also involved with what was quite possibly the single most twisted cover I've ever heard. Type O Negative covered Britney Spears' Baby Hit Me One More Time. And it. Was. Wonderous. It may have sucked as generi-pop, but that song made for such a beautifully depressing Goth metal piece. Alas, I lost it years ago in a hard drive crash; have no idea where I got it to begin with, and haven't been able to find it on CD in close to a decade of looking.

    Damned thing's more difficult to find than the Nightwish cover of Symphony of Destruction (which also has never been pressed to disc - I have a bootleg recorded from a concert somewhere in Europe).