Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Complexity! It Burns!

Updating my companions' code a bit more tonight. I decided to add a new check, that would have them periodically sort their casings and spent power cells into the reloading container automatically. Ideally, it should be a stable addition, as it's based on the number of times they've loaded into the game world, and not on any sort of timer.

My companion scripts -- that is, the ones that drive my girls -- used to be quite svelte. The new case-spawning code, and now the auto-sorting have bumped that up markedly. The latest draft stands at 454 lines each.

For comparison, the more complex (or at least used to be) companion scripts from NCCS stand at 277 lines. Before the case-code, my girls' scripts stood at around 230. Once added to NCCS, this new stuff will run the scripts up around 500 lines; getting them close to character cap limits.

The sorters are up to 1604 lines total. That seems less than the last time I added it up; despite having added several more items. I must have optimized something somewhere... that or I've forgotten how to use a calculator (I wouldn't put it past me).

Nine separate quests, 125 lines of dialogue, 14 pieces of armor, a weapon, 20 messages, two combat styles, four NPCs, 27 individual scripts, nine world references, a cell, even an enchantment...

And none of that is counting the bsa file containing the goodies for the hair, bodies, skin textures, hairs, eyes.

Not quite the tiny plugin I had originally intended it to be.

That reminds me: Natasha needs her own combat style...

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