Friday, September 23, 2011

NCCS v0.8, Upcoming

Have I mentioned lately how much I truly, truly hate working on mods for public sharing?

Putting together the sorting scripts this morning, and I forgot one crucial detail. That being in the companion reloading sorting script -- my personal plugin has three companion slots in its management system; NCCS has ten. The extra seven blocks of code put the script over the character limit.

So, I had to create another quest and script.

On the up side, most of the new stuff is already in. Five containers, four sorting scripts, three turtle doves... No, wait scratch that last one -- I was reading off the wrong paper...

Got the camp fire in, too; though I still haven't managed to get a working bedroll. Then again, with the Home on the Range perk added by Honest Hearts, it's less of an issue.

Still have to write in the actual dialogue to interface between the scripts and you; but the scripting itself was the heavy lifting bit anyway -- all fifteen hundred plus lines of it...

The two new containers I added are for armor and weapons, and will not have sorters attached to them -- since that opens up nightmarish scripting requirements to not take the weapons, armor, and ammo you're using and all. The other three: general, reloading, and survival will operate identically to the ones I created for my own use that I've been rambling about the last few weeks. Containers will be accessible from any companion in the party, and will be identical regardless of which companion you speak to. There are no plans at the moment for a physically accessible form of the containers.

I may take another shot at adding NVSE, to get the case-spawning code to work with mod-added weapons (note to self: remove the NosCo SBH 44 from the code or it won't parse in NCCS), but I didn't have very good luck with that last time, so it may be a "vanilla weapons only" bit.


  1. Sounds good. I'm looking forward to it.

  2. I look forward to the update as well. It might end up being one of the only reasons I go back to playing New Vegas again. I seem to be rather entrenched in Oblivion at the moment, checking out new quest lines (I have never finished a play through) and adding in more mods by a Russian modder named KrisTa. I am getting a wee bit frustrated with Oblivion though, so I think it is time I went back to Fallout for a while.

  3. @Herucline:

    Well of course you're gonna say that, being my hench and all. Plant! You're just a scheme to make me look less like a colossal asshole! Speaking of, I'm surprised we haven't been accused of that yet...


    Oblivion lacks guns.

    While the sex mods, body replacers, and cute outfits do make up for it somewhat... it still lacks guns.

    It also lacks several fun, more advanced companion capabilities; but going into that would just bore everyone again.

  4. Well, since you guys have already been called my "yes men" I suppose it's bound to happen sooner or later.

    Truth be told, I quite simply prefer to have good companions.

  5. Wait, wait, wait!

    I'm your lackey?

    When did this happen?

    Damn it, nothing but roadblocks in my path to becoming a Lord of Darkness...

  6. I hate to tell you Nos, but that sort of thing is bound to happen when you are friends with the Queen of Doom! I would have said Empress, but I think she's hit a few roadblocks herself >.<

    I also prefer to have good companions. I enjoy them to have something that makes them stand out, like a personality (of sorts) or some unique features. I like being able to care about my companions and not just think of them as fire support and cannon fodder. Especially when I do a serious play through. That's when the Essential tags get shut off and I am forced to pay more attention to what is happening to the companions and not just myself.

  7. It was in a comment for this post:

    I don't think the title of Queen would even apply; apparently I'm more like the Court Jester of Doom.

  8. Hm.

    I kind of like that.


    ...Or have I been up too long again?

  9. I am not sure I would agree with that particular title, but it is amazing how dangerous Court Jester can be. They tend to be dismissed and overlooked. Not a wise idea.

    That could be the paranoia talking again...