Monday, September 12, 2011

Ling's Available Again

Got an interesting PM from Herculine this morning.

I've pretty much completely stopped paying attention to the FO3 nexus; let alone the forums, so I wasn't aware of this, but apparently EARACHE42's "Ling's" series of mods have finally been unlocked by the mod-gods...

Sorry, allow me to correct myself: Ling's Finer Things is available again. Ling's Pretty Things is still blocked.

Anyway, I know my readership these days consists of Jack and Shit (and Jack's been talking about leaving town) but I figured I'd accede to the Neko's opinion and post a notice here nonetheless.

If you don't have LFT, now would be a dandy time to grab it; since who knows how long it'll stay live.


  1. The "how long it'll stay live" part is what I'm wondering about as well. I'm hoping I haven't jumped the gun and it's not just some Nexus glitch.

    Either way, it's never the end of the world as we know it. While I'm unable to mention such things on the Nexii, I can mention here that all my major companion mods and the resources they require are readily available on the VGU Network:

  2. Gee, I wonder how the scouts got there?

    Since we are mentioning the Ling's mods, RR Scouts and the VGU, I will mention that, should anyone be interested, most of Earache42's work has been uploaded to the VGU. Pretty Things and Finer Things are now one mod there.

  3. Well I can understand the some useage of VGU but someone like me most likely will not be a member of a place like that for quite a while. For even if I get to where I release good enough quality mods I doubt I'll make the 30 posts requirement for a while.

    Besides I rather spend the time I would make posts just to gain access to places where I can request for help or ask questions better as I learn to even do mods since I am just starting on it albeit later then most. Only thing I dont have anyway is Lings Finer things so I think I can survive for a while without.
    Lots of tutorials to learn from still and some gameplay with mods :)

    PS Fantastic work Nos and Herculine for your work so far, and Druuler love the SS Comic idea and flow of it so far.

  4. thanks Nos and neko for the heads-up on this being available again. Not sure what version I had, so I grabbed while grabbin was good. :D

  5. @Calabeth: Thank you! I am rather behind on my releases for it, but I plan to start getting more screen shots tonight. By the way, if you are looking for some excellent modding tutorials and help, VGU is a good place to go as well as the Nexus.

  6. Good to know that part of Ling's is back at the Nexus.

    I am well past the 30 Post mark at VGU, but have not yet signed up for the downloads area - most of my Fallout these days has been tabletop. New Vegas sucked a lot of the fun out on me. (I didn't give a damn about who ran Vegas, I don't gamble, and felt that FO3 was just plain better in most ways.)

    The Auld Grump

  7. @Druuler, Thanks for that tip think I will register over there just to start working on my 30+posts while I learn to mod. Then will attempt to get the prettier things afterwards which will be a while.
    Just got all the stuff installed yesterday ahead of time that I think I need for clothes edits and such, IE Blender,Nifskope, etc.. Just gotta get gimp or something similar, got an older comp that has Adobe CS2 but I think that might be a bit dated.

    @theauldgrump, was not aware there was a tabletop version of it hehe pretty neat. FO3 would be much better if it did not randomly crash sometimes within 5 mins and other times lasting 3+ hours without a crash.

  8. I regret to inform everyone that at the time I type this out, Ling's Finer Things is again under review and currently unavailable on the Nexus...

  9. "Ling's Finer Things is again under review and currently unavailable on the Nexus... "


    Well, that didn't take very fucking long. Wish I could say I was surprised... but there are advantages to being a boundless cynic.

  10. Ditto on the lack of surprise. While I might not be boundless yet, I'm workin' on it...

  11. I wouldn't have known myself if one of my Nexus friends had not made mention of it while talking about my Cameron companion idea. My currently distributed version is Ling's dependent, so now I need to find something else to dress her in that is still available on the Nexus for a public release there. What a pain...

  12. Unsexy though it may be, this is precisely why I prefer to dress release companions in base game outfits.

    Mods disappear entirely too often; doubly so when it's a large mod like Ling's. Unless you have the permissions to redistribute and include the mesh and texture with the companion, it's just too much of a potential pain.

  13. So where were you with these words of wisdom BEFORE I decked out 140 companions in custom outfits?

  14. "So where were you with these words of wisdom BEFORE I decked out 140 companions in custom outfits?"


    Perdon, yo no comprenda, Senora...