Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Got a comment on NCCS today complaining about how the backpacks auto-empty into the player's inventory when you leave the relevant companion behind.

Silly me, not wanting peoples' items to become unrecoverable and whatnot.

Anyway, I was just asking Herculine via PM how evil of me it would be to drop in a comment nonchalantly mentioning that I had forgotten all about the NCCS backpacks, because my own companions have categorized storage containers with automated sorting scripts?

Completely true, by the way -- I had mostly forgotten the backpacks, beyond remembering that I needed to check Bunsaki's readme to see if his pack meshes and textures are still redistributable freely for the purposes of inclusion into NCCS as equippable items.

Truth be told, the packs aren't likely to be kept in v0.8 anyway; since I plan to make the categorized sorting containers communal -- that is, accessible from any companion in your party; so no more worries about which container is connected to who.


  1. I like the sound of that last paragraph, and it should satisfy both the whiners and the fans of sorters.

  2. Oh believe me, I'd like to have set up weight limits on the backpacks and have the containers slaved to individual companions and all... but the scripting required was just such a mess that it wasn't practical.

    Communals may lack Lore-Fu, but that idea of yours seems to have gone over well enough in CM; so why the hell not add it to FNV, as well?

  3. As non-lore and lacking immersion as your sort containers may be, I do agree they would be a good inclusion with NCCS. As I mentioned previously, I have only recently installed your CM plugins and I found the containers to be of great use to me. Having "portable" containers that sort the items as you go is an excellent upgrade idea.

  4. I've also had much success with the CM version and enjoy using it. Though I may be stubborn on some points of lore (though definitely not all) on this point I say to heck with "realism" if it saves me 20 minutes or more from sorting each companion's inventory every time I want to sell all the surplus we've collected.

  5. I've found sorters are a godsend in NV; what with all the reloading stuff and survival components; but you do start carrying around a lot more stuff with unlimited storage and easy sorting...

    They're not completely automatic though; since that would randomly steal stuff out of your inventory that you might be wanting to hang on to -- you do have to trigger the sorting with a dialogue command.

    The only one that runs totally automatic is the one to sort companions' casings and spent power cells (the ones spawned by the new form of the companion scripts). It's set to run every tenth time a companion loads into the game world; with three in tow it's usually every fourth time you change cells or fast travel. I may need to raise the number for NCCS since there's the potential to bring along more than three companions. Then again, the script doesn't seem to cause any lag even on my shitty PC, so running too often may not be an issue.