Sunday, September 25, 2011

NCCS v0.8, Upcoming, Part II

I've said it before, I'll say it again: there are entirely too many items in FNV. Got the last of the updates made to the v0.8 alpha this morning -- I did all the scripting the other day, but hadn't copied the new companion scripts to entries #2 - #20.

Got it fired up, my game didn't implode, and Carrie still drew/holstered/followed.

Exited out to make a few revisions to the sorting scripts, since in testing the sorters (which worked) I noticed a few more items that didn't sort -- various Gecko, Nightstalker, and Radscorpion eggs. That has been rectified.

I based where the eggs sort to on what they're good for -- if anything. Gecko, Fire gecko, Golden Gecko, and Radscorpion eggs go into the general container. Nightstalker eggs go into the survival container, as they're used in crafting... 'Mushroom Cloud'. They others weren't listed as being used in any recipes, so they sorted into general swag for later selling purposes.

That aside, v0.8 looks promising. As I said, the centerpiece of this update -- the sorters -- all work. That's the big one. The case spawning script still needs testing, as does the campfire -- I verified that the campfire wouldn't be set up indoors and Carrie made the correct snarky comeback, but I didn't try it outside to see if the thing will successfully appear and vanish as it's supposed to.

I'm also trying to decide whether an ammo sorter would be worth writing. Now, this one gets a little tricky: even with NVSE, there's no way to determine what ammo types you want to keep, except by checking what weapons are in your inventory -- you'd have to store any weapons you weren't going to use first, and then the script would leave behind only the ammo calibers for the weapons you're carrying. It's straightforward enough to actually implement; the issue is whether it's worth the trouble. There's no way I know to make this one mod-added weapon friendly, and likewise it won't sort mod-added ammo.

Since ammo only has weight in hardcore, I'm not sure it's worth adding to NCCS. Most people don't seem to play in hardcore, and no matter how you slice it, an ammo sorter will not work ideally for everyone -- or probably anyone.

May add a limited version for myself to my personal plugin; because there are some ammo types -- flamer fuel, missiles and such -- that I simply never use. Making them sort as part of the reloading sorter would save me some time in stowing stuff, since I virtually always have more ammo and swag than the lightweight merchants in NV can handle.


Assuming the universe doesn't decide to fuck me on this update, v0.8 should be ready to send to my partner for an internal alpha later today. Once she's played with it a bit and seconded my "doesn't destroy the game" results, I'll get a changelog typed up and the update made to the Nexus.

Edit: nothing ever goes simply in a conversion.

Carrie has been through three combats, to the tune of ninety odd seconds; and has spawned 371 casings.

Clearly, something did not get copied correctly...

Edit, again:

Well, I can tell I've been up since one in the morning.

Could not figure out why the casings were spawning in such huge numbers. Finally, in frustration I compared the blocks of code side-by-side between my personal companions (who "recover casings" correctly) and NCCS.

Since it was such a small block of code and in the middle of the script, I just rewrote the timer code instead of copying it from the other plugin.

In the version that works, every frame it sets Timer to ( Timer + GetSecondsPassed ) -- that is to say, it advances by one per second of real time that the timer is running.

In the malfunctioning block, I wrote it to advance based on ( Timer + 1 ) -- so in effect it was going up by one every frame, instead of every second; times twenty odd frames a second... and we have our inexplicable massive number of casings.

Gods, I feel stupid days like today. We'll just fix that code up...


  1. glad to see that you're finding and eliminating bugses. I have an odd issue with NCCS companions to report, and curious if anyone else experiences it.

    It seems all my NCCS-made companions have issues with having no ammo in their equipped weapons whenever they engage in combat. This has the effect of letting melee mobs close in on them before they decide to reload and actually start firing, negating a lot of their usefulness. If they "stay in combat" they don't have that issue, but if they holster weapons when I do - it causes that behavior the next time combat occurs.

    Not blaming the NCCS system by any means, but I've noticed this behavior since the last version update, and haven't tried to investigate or report it until I started playing the latest DLC with an addon to allow me to take in companions.

    Any ideas for what to check, or anyone else seeing similiar behavior? I'll bet about anything some other addon I'm running is causing this, but unsure what to look for.

  2. Interesting.

    I've not seen that issue myself, but it sounds similar to something that happens to me, the PC, on a regular basis. When I equip a weapon with a non-standard ammo type chosen, a lot of times it'll equip with an empty mag, and I have to load it before I can use it.

    I've been running non-standard ammo types on my companions for awhile, and haven't seen that crop up, but it sounds like the same issue.

    Are you running any weapon or ammo mods? I noticed that my Caliber addon changed the "default" ammo for the two cartridges I added new types for; it's possible that if you're running a mod that does similar, it could be the culprit.

    Also: mod-added or vanilla weapons? If you haven't already, try a baseline -- a 9mm pistol or 357 revolver, with plain default ammo. See if they still have a problem even with one of those. Hopefully we can narrow at least a few variables.

  3. It is nice to hear that things are progressing smoother than usual with the latest update. As annoying as finding you made a mistake can be, at least you caught it before it hit the trolls, err general public.

    Not saying that the entire general public are trolls, mind you, but, as we know around here (Nos more so than most, unfortunately for him), there is a large enough part that makes them frustrating, to say the least.

  4. I've usually got the girls carrying Vintorez (mod added) and using +P ammo (pretty sure that's mod ammo). I'll switch them to a vanilla weapon and see if it persists. I've never trusted Calibur/Xcalibur/whatever

  5. hmmmm, well it seems that 9mm +P ammo is in vanilla game. Gave my girls .44 magnum pistols and no weird issues. Except they picked up heavier firepower the first chance they got. :P

    Now the Vintorez used to work perfectly with the girls, until some time in the past. I can't say if it coincided with an NCCS update, or a FNV update or what. Basically looking for any ideas on things to check for. :|

  6. Yeah, anytime there's weirdness, look to the mods.

    Also: I'm not familiar with the particular VSS mod you use, but the Vintorez is supposed to be chambered in 9x39mm; which is not in the base game in any form. The 9mm +P in the base game is x19 -- parabellum -- for pistols.

    That "some time in the past" I'd wager was patch 1.3 or 1.4 -- I remember reading in the CaliberX notes that there was an ammunition in one of the patches that caused issues with Caliber. There was a third-party (in the case of mods, does it count as fourth party? I wonder about these things sometimes...) update made that was later superceded by an "official" CaliberX update. No idea if the original Caliber was ever updated, though. Might want to check and see which in the holy hell version you've got downloaded -- it's not the most straightforward of mod families. I'm running CaliberX 3.12 from here and all seems to work properly; though I have my companions armed with vanilla ammo-type weapons, so I can't say for certain.

  7. the mod I'm presently using is no longer on the nexus. It gives an AS-Val and a Vintorez that you craft from an assault carbine + scrap stuff. The mod had 2 versions - oen that required making the custom ammo, and a ammoless one that uses standard 9mm loads (yes I copped out :P)

    I chose it cause it didn't require any caliburwhatever.

    Couple more tests to make. I'll give Cass a Vintorez and see if the weirdness persists, and then I've got that Willow companion I'll try too. I'm pretty certain that it's not an NCCS issue, but best to try all possibilities.

  8. Well, I don't see how it could be an NCCS issue -- since NCCS doesn't monkey with ammo types or anything -- but you never know with this damned game.

    If you can narrow it down to just NCCS companions, I'll try to dig out what's going on with it and see if I can fix it.

  9. not liking this. Cass doesn't do it - after the initial lock and load, she keeps a round in at all times. Willow doesn't do it either, and I know nothing about the code behind that custom companion. Not about to try loading an RR companion to test, either.

    Can't be a custom ammo thing, since 9mm +P is ingame ammo (according to the Fallout wiki) Has to be something to do with the custom weapon causing it. I've got an SVD mod I don't like as much, cause the gun is just waaaaay too long, especially since you can add a long silencer at the end of that already long barrel. Over the next couple days I'll test out a bunch of other weapon mods and see if this weird behavior carries over to those weapons.

    I *really* can't see it being an NCCS issue, but like you said, with this damned game engine you never know. Grrr

  10. Testing has begun!

    I suppose it should be noted that I'm testing this with an otherwise unmodded version of the game and starting from the beginning. After my utter frustration with RFCW I did a clean install with just the updates, DLCs and NOTHING ELSE. Not even a body replacer or any "Herculine's this" or "Herculine's that". Just the game, NCCS and the included pre-made companions.

    I've started with Samantha and played long enough to become "vilified" and gain infamy with the Powder Gangers (to which Sam, in her funny hat, simply comments: "huh...") I've checked the NCCS system options and one of the group containers, and so far they seem to be working as I assume they were intended.

    I had to work tonight in the RL, so I'm gonna get some shut-eye, but I'll play some more tomorrow as the GF allows and will let you all know how it goes.

    And Nos, if there's anything very specific you need results on, you might need to remind me. You know how easily distracted we Neko can--


  11. Hell, I'm just hoping it doesn't destroy your game. I was kind of out of it through most of the testing yesterday.

  12. So, just out of curiosity Herculine, did you get RFCW to work for you finally, or did you ditch it for now? I can't remember the conversation we had about that off the top of my Oh! Shiny Thing! *zoom*