Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NosCo Sitrep, 9-20

Haven't been posting lately. This isn't because I haven't been modding. Have been working on mods in FONV; as well as investigating ways to copy faces from the Fallouts to Oblivion.

However, I saw awhile back which way the wind blows. Several companion-stuff posts have drawn zero comments over the last couple months, but that post on Ling's pulled five in less than twelve hours.

I just assumed I had no readership left. Had I known no one gave a shit about my companion rambling, I just wouldn't have posted it; saved us all time.

So, rather than bore anyone with AI details or combat styles or what I learned in Facegen school; I popped in today to instead announce where I stand with some mods.

The new features are stable, and ready to begin being added to the NCCS v0.8 Alpha when I have time. As it stands, new features will be: categorized, dialogue driven sorting system; dialogue accessible campfire that can be set up in any outdoor cell for survival crafting purposes; additions to the companion scripts will have companions spawn casings and/or spent power cells during combat; expanded dialogue responses for the options that have been proven to work; the addition of one of my personal combat styles for companions that the player wants to be killing machines more-so than learning and growing with the player and yadda yadda.

I've also written a minor overhaul for CaliberX. It fixes some typos that were driving me up the wall, repairs a couple of reloading options that didn't work correctly (namely the 45-70 Hollowpoint breakdown option not working), renames .50MG Match ammo that CaliberX adds so that you can tell it apart from the base game's handloaded match ammo (they were previously named identically), and adds some new ammunition types. Three new loads for the 6.5 Grendel, one for the 44 Magnum, and one for the 45-70. This will be released here, when I've added a couple more ammunition types, and finished overhauling the abysmally unrealistic quantities of powder and lead recovered when you "breakdown" ammunition.

I've also decided to go ahead with the NosCo weapons plugin. Currently slated for inclusion are: the NosCo 44 (which will be reverted to the default mesh and texture until I learn to work with normalmaps); another single-action revolver, that is convertible between 357 and 9mm; a 454 Casull double-action revolver (based on the existing base game 44mag revolver mesh); a new version of the Trail Carbine in 454 to go with the revolver; a 338 Lapua mag "light" version of the AMR; and a "Multi caliber" version of the Marksman Carbine with switchable uppers that will allow you to carry rifles in .22lr, 5.56mm, 6.5G, 9mm, and 458 SOCOM at considerably reduced weight from packing around a full rifle in each. The collection will use CaliberX, of course. At the moment, sales will probably be handled in a widespread method -- one or two roaming caravans to sell in places like Goodsprings, Primm, and Novac; but also a central office nearer Vegas. I've spied a couple of buildings between Gun Runners and the Sharecropper farms that I like the look of; we'll see if either of them work out. The central office merchant will use the 'caps management script' I wrote for Chloe in RR (to allow high levels of caps to be traded without the engine bugging); and will probably include secondary sales personnel for other items as well. Weapon mods yet to be determined.

Okay, that's all for today. I still have stupid, unrealistic PMs to respond to and insane questions to answer, after all.

Edit, Addendum: after several complaints received recently from people who don't understand how leveled lists work, I think I'm going to add a dialogue option to NCCS that will strip the lists from companion inventory to preclude random items spawning and screwing up your carefully tailored postage stamp and dental floss outfits.


  1. Personally I kinda like the killing machines; I just need to remember not to travel with a dozen of them. It sure beats "OMG! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT GRENADE?!"

    Postage stamps and dental floss? We might just have to try that here at home...

  2. "Postage stamps and dental floss? We might just have to try that here at home... "

    Probably showing my age again; but it was an old joke about the "swimwear" popular in the 90's. Covered so little you may as well be wearing dental floss and a pair of postage stamps and so forth.

    I've found it also tends to apply to video game outfits.

    Also: hasn't anyone ever told you it's not nice to conjure images in peoples' heads and then just poof away?

  3. I graduated from the School of Conjuration with honors...

  4. I look forward to the NCCS upgrade and the weapons plug-in. Not sure when I will get around to using them once they are released, as I've been staying away from NV for a while now.

    Speaking of your plug-ins, I finally gave the CM Partners plug-in a go and found it worked quite nicely. Having access to six separate containers via dialogue makes lugging all the stuff I pick up to a merchant a lot easier :) Thanks for that!

    "Postage stamps and dental floss? We might just have to try that here at home... "

    Congratulations on the honours, but that is just teasing Herculine *waggles finger* Now I'm going to go back to my Oblivion game where most of my companions seem to be dressed that way...

  5. HA well might be a long while before I ever try FNV. Still waiting for a FT job hiring so will be regular ole FO3 for a while for me hehe.

    Hmmmm Dental floss and postage stamps can somtimes be a bad thing, but for most the models I seen for FO3 it's good.

    When I get to where I can purchase games again with free cash, I'll have to look into Oblivion also. Last TES game I played was Morrowwind.

  6. @Calabeth:

    GotY edition of Oblivion is well worth the $30 or $40 outlay when you can swing it. Knights of the Nine was garbage, but Shivering Isles is totally worth it -- and a requirement for half the decent mods available anyway.

  7. once I get off my lazy arse and actually rebuild my game machine, I plan to reload Oblivion and find some choice mods to load into it, as well as reloading FO3. Right now between issues in real life at home and work have kept my socializing down. I do read posts, just haven't been replying.

    Nos, as for that plan for the AMR-lite in .338 Laputa, any plans to alter the ingame model?

  8. "Nos, as for that plan for the AMR-lite in .338 Laputa, any plans to alter the ingame model? "

    Me no have-ah teh modeling skillz0rz.

    Have a collection of already altered models around someplace (shorter barrel and a couple others) but I'd have to dig it up and see if they're even reusable.