Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Hair Pack

Happened to pop into the NVNexus a few minutes ago, and before hitting the listing to check for new NCCS comments, I spied an interesting file in the new uploads listing -- a hair pack converted from the Sims.

Seventeen hairs, look fairly high quality. I haven't loaded them into the game yet, so am just going by the uploaded screenshot. The hairs should also work fine for FO3; though of course the test plugin won't.

Anyway, if you're one of those that likes to add custom hair to your companions (or player characters) you might want to give it a lookie-see.

Not sure yet whether they're redistributable or not, as it doesn't seem to be listed in either readme or the permissions box on the file entry.


  1. Seems there's seperate versions for FO3 and Oblivion, though I haven't tried them yet.

    Looks nice :)

    (Why won't it let me make those links?)

  2. "(Why won't it let me make those links?) "

    Did you use the A HREF= and whatnot? Blogger doesn't auto-hotlink in comments; you have to manually enter the tags.

    And thanks; I knew there was an Oblivion version, but not one for FO3.

  3. I noticed the one for Oblivion early Wednesday morning, and one of the image posters there mentioned to me that that was the source of his/her characters new hair style. Just going by that one image it seemed to be of excellent quality. I might add it to my Oblivion mod collection for use with Hair and Eye controller mod by VipCxj.

  4. I foresee Herculine contemplating making a new companion, then which color of dental floss to match with it xD

  5. Lmao! I gather your lack of mentioning the postage stamps was on purpose? Not that there aren't already a few RR Scouts wearing only the dental floss and no postage stamps ;)

  6. Scotch Tape and Saran Wrap. *poof!*

  7. Saran Wrap?

    Why bother? I mean, the stuff's clear to begin with; you may as well just go without and enjoy the breeze...

  8. Sure, but you wouldn't be as shiny.

  9. That's what body glitter is for!

  10. Wearing Saran Wrap she would not be technically naked either. Inappropriately attired? Depends upon where she is. Naked? Not so much.

    Now I have that image stuck in my head...

  11. Nope didnt forget the postage stamps, just omitted as knowing Herculine, she would come up with something else in it's place.

    Hmm and as for the saran wrap, there are colored version's of it as well if I remember correctly. Maybe she was going for a transparent colored kinda shiny. LOL
    That reminds me I think in Lings stuff there was a yellow suit that was poofed out some like a balloon. It was see thru just like colored saran wrap.

  12. This reminds me of how lots of art seems to assume that female armour is more protective the less there is of it :)

    BTW, I did use HREF etc but it wouldn't accept it (not in the preview anyway). Oh well, I'll figure it out sometime.