Saturday, September 3, 2011

More Comments

Since they seemed so popular before, I thought I'd share some more of the comments I've set the girls up to make with the new sorters.

But first, I want to brag a little. Natasha set a new record the other day, for longest companion kill.

You can see the ghoul just above my rear sight. Right there in front of me like in the screenshot is where she tagged him from with her marksman's carbine. There were still other things to shoot in the immediate area, so I didn't pace it off; but by a hasty estimation that beats the previous winner (67 paces) set by Mystery-chan in FO3 by a good ten meters, maybe more.

The latest draft of their combat styles have the girls engaging so far out that even I can't see the enemies sometimes until it's over, if the enemy is camouflaged at all.

That out of the way, on to the comments.

A somewhat tsundere two-part response; one of the possibles when asked to use the newest "sort all" function.

A side note: that armor is from a Centurion. We took it from Aurelius of Phoenix or whatever he called himself at Cottonwood Cove.

I went slightly insane this game, and like the Nerd Rage perk says, got tired of being pushed around. As we were heading into Nipton, rather than be preached to by that asshat Vulpis Inculta; I grabbed the AMR and put a very large bullet into his brain stem. Turns out wolf-hats don't stop fifty caliber aspirin at all. Since then, we've just been brutally murdering every legionnaire we come across.

The girls seem to be having fun.

One of these days, I'm going to have to try a hard-mode game, and start slaughtering NCR. Hell, maybe this game. I'm about out of quests to bilk McCarran for to get XP, anyway. Having the Legion and NCR both hate our guts would make for a more interesting play experience, that's for sure...

One of Maeva's bad puns, when asked to open the "General" container. I'd boo and throw popcorn, but she scared a deathclaw into running away the other day... so I'm not fucking with her jokes...

The second part of a two-part reply to the sort all command. The first part is a more simple affirmation, with this intended as being muttered under her breath.

Another of Mystery-chan's sort all responses.

And another...

She was actually picking her nose; but FNV is bad about not screenshotting the first time I hit the button, so I missed the part of the animation I wanted her to show in the shot.

...Although in retrospect the fact that she appears to be inspecting the nose gold comes across as far more unnerving...

One of Natasha's sort all replies.

And lastly, the big demoness breaks the fourth wall in spectacular fashion; obviously frustrated at the couple thousand pounds of stuff I had them sort.


  1. Lol! Love the comments, Nos, they're a riot :)

    The fact that Natasha made that kill as such long range is both cool and disturbing. The last few times I played FO3 or NV, my companions were taking out target that I hadn't seen yet, but nothing like Natasha.

  2. That's because companions using NosCo scripts are killing machines. I'm already getting complaints that my NCCS Shojos won't let players kill anything themselves. I can only imagine what the private versions of those redheads might be like. But I'm not complaining; I prefer companions that have my back rather than running around in circles like idiots.

  3. Actually, that was where we ended up when the ghoul fell -- they started shooting further out, but moved closer as they were outside optimum range. Maeva just didn't score any hits because of the spread on a shotgun at that range.

    Although Herculine is right: I've already had to scale back performance more than once, as they were putting the terminator to shame. At one point, they were firing five and six perfectly aimed semi-automatic shots per second. At the moment, I've found a slightly better balance where they're still good; but not playing the game themselves with me as a bystander who just hacks terminals and picks locks for them.

    I didn't intend for them to take over the game; but like Herculine also said: I can't stand useless companions. I tried playing in FO3 with Jessi, Kelsey, and the default followers, and found them to be made of suck and fail -- their best "tactic" consisting of pointing in the general direction of an enemy and hosing fire.

    I wanted my companions to actually be useful in a fight; but there's a fine line between capable and overpowering. It isn't easy scaling them back without making them stupid again.