Saturday, August 20, 2011

Be Afraid.

Awhile back on my other blog, I posted a news story regarding some horrific plants that were becoming an epidemic in parts of New York state. As it often does, the conversation in the comments quickly switched topics, and ended up being about horrific insects and animals.

The Tarantula Hawk Wasp was mentioned; being as it is not only horrific, and nightmare inspiring, but is the real creature that the "Cazadores" from FNV are based on.

So while this might be mostly off topic for this blog, I thought I'd nonetheless share this image I ran across on a chan board this morning:

Now, if you'll excuse me, I suddenly feel the need to go buy an autoloading shotgun with a tube extension...

Edited to add: and Goddamn the JCS is still a sexy bitch, ain't she?


  1. Did anybody read the fine print on that picture? Jeebus freakin' cripes...

  2. "Did anybody read the fine print on that picture?"

    Fairly sure I did. That would explain the post title, at least.

  3. I meant anybody else, Chuckles.

  4. Well Neko-tan, I'm afraid it appears to be just us this weekend.

    I'm sure the three or four other people who read the blog will drop by eventually.

  5. That seems to be the way of these blogs.

    What we need to do is start a kawaii futa foot-fetish blog; we'd have more readers than you can shake a--

    --well, you get the idea...

  6. Hell, can't be any worse than modding. I'm in.

    Now, all we need is some sort of artist. I can't draw any better than I 3d model.

    ...Or is this going to be the type of blog where we rip off and repost other peoples' work and call it content?

  7. Just so you know, I did follow the link and read the article. I just couldn't think of anything worth posting other than "Son of a bitch", "Holy crap" or "Eep". I've spent enough time on F3Underground that I try leave more extensive posts.

    Having said that, I am damn glad that those things haven't made it this far north...yet. You couldn't use a fly swatter on these things, you would need a sledge hammer! Eep!

  8. "You couldn't use a fly swatter on these things, you would need a sledge hammer!"

    I was watching Billy the Exterminator the other night on A&E (I'm not normally one for reality TV, but I like Billy) and they had the coolest thing for killing wasps without the use of chemicals: they looked like small tennis rackets, but were electrified (presumably via batteries). Swat a bug, and the little bastard gets fried, literally.

    Bet that would work on the Tarantula Hawk Wasps, too.

    Y'know, that or a flame thrower. 'Cause Flamenwerfer is just more fun to say, anyway...

  9. Hmm, decisions, decisions. Go with frying them some what safely, or fry them and everything within 10 meters of the target. Guess that would depend upon my mood at the time.